Wednesday 20 November 2013

Here I leave a link to read and listen about ancient greek myths. If you have free time, visit the webpage and you will enjoy learning some of the most famous myths of greek mythology. 

Our students in the purple class have invented their own mythical beasts. Here we have two of them!Do you like them?? 


My monster: it is called B-beast. My monster measures 10 metres. B-beast has got a very big head, glasses, small body and it has got fur. It’s purple, red and brown. He’s got to very ugly teeth.
By Marta Rubio 


The name of my beast is Camikao. It’s going to have the head of a harpy, the body of a man and the bottom of a centaur. The horn of a unicorn and claws of an eagle. It is going to be colorful and it’s going to have feathers and fur. He has got a t-shirt.
By Sara Sanchez

Sunday 17 November 2013

Last Friday, we had our first workshop: the topic was Healthy Living and we made a fitness dice to do some sport and we also played a bingo with different food groups. We had lost of fun and everybody enjoyed it! Here you can see some pictures of the activity!

Guillermo López (from the Orange Class) was the winner of the bingo game!! Well done Guillermo!!