KET Secondary 1

WEEK 26 

Dear families
Your kids did great in the mock exam!!!! So relax and have fun this long weekend!
Happy San Isidro.


Dear families
This week we only had one lesson and as these are the last before the exam we did a mock exam to get even more ready!!! They are doing a great job, only 4 week more and they will prove how great they are at English!!!


Dear families
This week we have done some worked on the book, we finished units 11 and 12! Next week we are going to do another mock exam, we only have one month left until the exam!
Have a nice week.


Last week was the first in over a month, so we were caching up and working the units on the book really fast so they get even more ready for the exam.

Have a nice week

WEEK  18

Hello Dear families!!!
This week was an exited one, we had our last mock KET exam!!!! Next week the students are going to know who is going to take the exam and who isn´t…

For homework they have to do part 9 of the reading and writing exam:

And they can practice even more on this site: CLICK HERE 

WEEK  17

Hello Dear families!!!
This week we have been working on the exam, the speaking part! They are doing a great job!!! Next week they will do another full mock exam and I´ll decide how is going to take the Cambridge exam. So good luck!
For homework they have unit 6 and 7 grammar on page 148 and 149, and also the reading and vocabulary on page 40.

Have a great weekend!!!

WEEK  16
Hello dear families! 
This week we only had one lesson and we used it to prepare the exam. This time we practiced the speaking part! They are doing a great job. 
Have a nice weekend.  


Hello dear families!

This week we have been very busy at the lessons. They have completed the reading and writing paper and also the listening paper of a real KET EXAM and they all did a great job on it. We are going to keep working so they are more than prepared for the real exam.
They have a bit of homework from page 146 and 147 unit 4 and 5 grammar activities. Also they have to check the review 1 on page 34 and 35.
For last let me tell you we finished Dorian gray reading, I think they enjoy it so they have chosen another book for them to continue, the new book is Tree men in a boat. Let´s see if they like it.
Have a nice weekend.

WEEK 14 

On Monday fisrt we finished the 2nd task of the writing test and then we checked homework. Then we wrote some questions to practice part 1 of th espeaking test and we moved aroung the class asking them to our partners. On Tuesday we continued practising for the speaking test, this time with part 2, discussion with a partner. This is completely new for us so we were a bit lost but we tried and we have plenty of time to work on it before the exam!! 

Hello dear families!
As I told you, this week we have done a mock exam. The experience was great! They only had time to do the reading and writing papers, we will complete the exam this week while we keep working on our book.
For homework they have to finish the writing paper from the exam.

Have a nice weekend.

Dear families:
First of all happy new year!!!
This we just reviewed all the holiday’s homework, make an effort especially in their writing skills. In that note they have a bit of homework, a writing about their favorite type of music. To prepare for this they have to do the reading on page 26 unit 3.
Next week will be a bit more special because we are going to do a mock exam! Let see how it goes!!!!!

Have a nice weekend!

Dear families:
This was our last week before Christmas so I wish you a Merry Christmas!!! Also that everything you wish for the New Year will come true.
I send a bit of homework so they don’t miss me… Grammar and writing on page 25, grammar on page 145, also a writing of their choosing and to read at least 2 articles during the break. We will continue working after the holidays.
See you soon.


Dear families,

This week we finished unit 2 and because we are not going to see each other in two week they have more homework than usual! The Writing purple box on page 21, activities 4 and 5 and the project on page 23.
 This week was Fernando’s turn reading “the picture of Dorian Gray” he did a great job and the next one to read will be Alejandra. Let see how well she’ll do it!!!

Have a great long weekend!!!

I’ll miss you!!! See you in two weeks.  

Dear families, 

This week has been a bit difference since our teacher was ill and we joined the FCE group for the lessons. We prepared some questions to ask the rest and we spent the class having short conversations in groups. On Tuesday we talked about Thanksgiving day. 

Dear families

This week we finished the work on unit 1. We practiced a lot the speaking part of the exam through the rare sports pictures that your children brought to the school. Also we began unit 2 and the student have to do some homework, read the grammar in page 19 and page 144 including activities 1, 2, 3.
This week Alejandra shared with us her reading of our book “The picture of Dorian Grey”, she did a great job! This week is Fernando´s turns, will see how it goes!
Have ha lovely weekend!


This week we only had one lesson. We talked about sport and for homework we have to do exercies 6 and 7 on pages 16 & 17. 

Dear families 
This week we only had one lesson, because of the holiday, so on Tuesday we had an intense class. We as usual worked on our books, we start unit 1 “sports and games”. For homework they have to do activity 6 and 7 on page 17 and also they have to bring to school a picture of a rare sport, we will use this as a guide for our conversation. 
This week was Javier turn to take the book home and he was delighted with it! Next week´s turn is Amparo's. 

This week was Halloween theme in Coami English School!!!!!!
We worked a little bit on the book but mostly we had fun and enjoyed the Halloween holiday. They have a little homework exercise 8, 9 from page 13.



We have been working with our new books!!! We have been reviewing basic grammar to refresh it and soon we´ll get started with the real work...
For homework they have to read the grammar referenced on page 142 and complete the practice 1 and 2 and also think about 3.

For our book project they choose The picture of Dorian Gray, so each week one of them are going to take the book home and read a couple of chapters and then explain them to the rest of the group. This week was Celia who took the book home!

This first week in COAMI English School we Have the chance to get to know each others.

On Monday the students introduced themselfs while doing a roll play.

On Tuesday we fill the gaps on the lyrics of Michael Jackson thriller! And also presented the book proyect. Each week one of the students is going to take a grade book (which are classic book grade in grammar and vocabulary for young learners) home. They will have to read a part of it and then next week they will explain to the class what the book is about. So we all will be reading the same book.With this proyect they will improve their reading and speaking skills.

Tuesday 19th May 

On Tuesday we corrected aloud the homework we had to do, which was completing a Mock Exam with the Grammar and Writing parts. In general it was very good. Then, we did some listening activities also related to the exam.

Monday 18th May

We spent the whole Monday practisting different topics for the KET exam. The teacher gave us a paper with different topics and questions we might be asked, and we tried to answer them the best way we could. It seems more complicated than we expected! But now we’re ready so it will be great.

Tuesday 12th May 

On Tuesday we were doing exercises from the Mock Exam. We used the whiteboard and a webpage so we could all do them at the same time and participate. It was good to focus just on the parts we need to reinforce (reading, definitions…) and solve doubts.

Monday 11th May

There were some absences on Monday and we weren’t feeling our usual passion for English at 8 am. because we had a school trip, so all we did that day was practising the Speaking part. Firstly we answered some of the questions about ourselves. It seems easy, but some of us don’t have so much imagination to speak about us for 2 minutes! After that we continued with the part 2, which consists on asking and answering questions with some cards. The first three are usually easy, but then it gets harder!

Tuesday 5th May

On Tuesday we focused on the Grammar review and the Speaking. First we completed some activities from a worksheet which the teacher had brought. The activities were related to “definitions”, “comparatives and superlatives”, “present perfect/past simple” and “in, on, at”. After doing and correcting them, we kept on practising the Speaking part, answering questions about ourselves in turns of one and a half minutes speaking.

Monday 4th May 

We started on Monday finishing the Listening part from the Mock Exam. We had 3 activities remaining and we completed them. It was probably too early to have our listening skills completely ready so it wasn’t as outstanding as we use to do them. For that reason we spent the whole class doing the remaining listening from the book. At the end of the class it felt like we had been listening to an English radio programme for an hour!

Tuesday 28th April 

On Tuesday we continued with the Mock Exam, focusing. It was becoming harder because there were long texts to read and we had to do a writing. After doing and correcting, we moved into the listening part. There are 5 parts and we did the first and second. In general, it was very good!

Monday 27th April

On Monday the teacher decided to do a Mock Exam, which is useful for the real one we are going to do next month. We started with the Reading and Writing parts, doing one activity and stopping to correct and solve the doubts. At the end of the class we did a brief speaking activity introducing ourselves and answering the “examinator” questions.

Tuesday 14th April

On Tuesday, we started with the Listening part of the unit and we made a couple of activities about people who visited places and bought souvenirs. Then, in pairs we asked questions to each other for a few minutes. After that, we continued with the Reading part. This time there was a text about a trip to Guadeloupe. It was funny because our French pronunciation of the places is…”different”. We also answered questions about the text and finally, we spoke about the things we want to do and visit in the future.


Monday 13th April

We started the week telling a few things about our weekend. Then, we opened the book to start working with new vocabulary, this time related to “holiday activities”. We completed a test about the things we liked doing on holidays: visiting new countries or staying in Spain?, trying to learn a language or speak English or Spanish?, eating new things or just the same food? It was an interesting activity, because we could speak about our likes and dislikes too. Finally, we learn the Past continuous and we made some activities from the book related to this topic.

Tuesday 7th April

Coming back at 8 o’clock after is hard! So we had a light class. We were speaking about our holidays, telling some interesting stories and trying to review the vocabulary since the beginning of the year. We also had to prepare a small writing, like an email to a friend telling about our holidays.

Tuesday17th  March

On Tuesday we continued working with the book, but this time we started with the listening activity. There was a text about Leonardo da Vinci that we had to complete, and then we did three different activities related to listening. After that, we learnt the differences between adjectives and adverbs, and we focused on the irregular ones like good-well or fast-fast. We completed a few activities about this topic and finished the class taking a quick view to the speaking section of this unit, which is about ourselves. Apparently, in the exam we have to speak about ourselves a few minutes! So next day we’ll practise the kind of questions they might ask us.

Monday 16th  March

On Monday we started working hard very quickly, using the book to learn about musical instruments and understand the differences between can and could. We completed a quick text and then we moved into the reading part, with some exam examples. There were different signs and we had to match them with their meaning in some sentences. It was a bit complicated because some of the signs can be confused with other signs. However we worked good on this. Finally, we spoke a little bit about our weekend and read our homework.


Tuesday 10th  March 

On Tuesday we worked on the Speaking part. First we read a text about Sidney and we had to make questions. Then we split the class into two groups: the 1st and the 2ndGraders. With these two teams we practiced with cards the Speaking activity. One of the team had to ask the questions and other had to answer them. Then, they changed their roles. Finally, we worked on the Listening part, doing the activities on the book. With this, we finished the unit!


Monday 9th March

On Monday we came back to our routine. We started speaking about our last week for a few minutes and then continued with the book. We did the Writing part of the unit we were in, the unit 6. We read a text about Shibuya, a crossroad in Tokyo and we discussed about it. Finally, we worked on our grammar learning about superlatives and we also did two activities about completing different texts with one word in each space.

Monday 2nd  March

Monday was a weird day because the 1st Graders were very nervous! They went to Guadalajara to spend a week practising English, so the teacher decided not to use the books this day. Instead, we were speaking during all the class about different topics: our weekend, some school trips that we’ve done and liked, the things we expect to do in a school trip, some funny stories about our trips or things we do with our friends. It was an entertaining class because we all had to participate and we tried to express funny stories in English, which was interesting for everyone. Besides, we all tried hard to use English and at the teacher didn’t have to say “speak English!” that much. It was a very profitable class!

Tuesday 3rd March

Tuesday was also strange because there were only 2nd Graders in the class. We were 4 in total, and at the beginning we tried to say some things in English but we didn’t have much to say, so the teacher decided to make us work. He had some activities prepared, these activities were worksheets from the teacher’s book, and we used them to review from unit 1 to 6. Some of us didn’t have time to finish the activities so we have to finish them during the week and bring them on Monday. 

Tuesday 24th Feb

On Tuesday, we continued with our grammar revision, as we accumulate new knowledges and might forget the previous ones. We had some activities at the back of the book and we copied others from the blackboard.  After that, we practised our reading skills with some readings related to means of transports, and different facts with comparatives and superlatives. After that, we spend the last quarter of the class speaking about different topics, like trips we had made.

Monday 23rd Feb 

We started quickly on Monday with a new unit, this time working on vocabulary related to means of transport. We made a list of those we knew, and learnt some others which we didn’t (railway, coach…). After that, we worked on our grammar with comparatives and superlatives. We did some exercises related to these and after that, we copied some sentences on our notebooks to review them and the previous grammar

Tuesday 17th Feb 

On Tuesday, we continued with the book again. First we reviewed some vocabulary that it was a little bit forgotten. Then we read an activity with an email and possible answers. We debated which answer was better and which one we preferred and why, it was interesting! After that, we all had to write an email following the rules of another activity. We read the emails aloud and we gave our opinions. Finally, we wrote the homework for next week.



Monday 16th Feb

Last week was hard, so this week we started softly, talking about our weekends. We spoke about St. Valentine’s day, which some of us celebrated (mostly with friends and family). The talking was interesting and fluent, so we spent a lot of time talking about our different activities. After that, we did some speaking activities similar to the exam ones, to continue preparing for it.

Monday 9th Feb.
This Monday we started to work with the mock exams. Before it, we spoke a little bit about the weekend, but we didn’t have much time, so we started quickly with the exam. It was a similar exam to the one we would do if we take it in few months. It is useful to get used to it, find out our mistakes and weaknesses and to prepare ourselves for this challenge. We completed the Reading and Writing part and it took us about

minutes. It was hard, but we all could finish it.

Tuesday 10th Feb.

On Tuesday, we continued with the mock exam. This time, we did the Listening part. It was quite hard because it’s confusing, they usually say all the possible options and we have to listen carefully. There were three different listening and we could only listen to each track twice. When we finished with the listening, we corrected the activities aloud, so we all could understand our mistakes and why the correct options were good. It was a very useful class for us!


 Tuesday 3rd February

Tuesday was a light day. First of all, we did the speaking activities that we have on the book. These activities are very similar to the ones in the KET exam, so they are very useful for us. There are different cards with questions and information and, in pairs, we ask and answer them. Answering is easy, but asking is hard!

Video of the week 

Monday 2nd February 

Monday mornings are hard, especially with this freezing weather. However, we usually make an effort to learn English. This Monday, we started the first five minutes of the class waking up, speaking about the weekend and giving our opinions about some subjects. After that, we commented the video on the blog, it was hilarious! Then, we all read our writings in which we had to invent some news related to the school. Later, we began using the book, learning how to make questions in past simple. It’s complicated to difference did, do, were and the others, but with some activities we could distinguish the differences. The class finished very quickly with so much work!

Tuesday 27th Jan

On Tuesday we worked on the Past Simple during the whole class. First, we started correcting mistakes in different sentences, and then we completed a text about Levi Strauss. After that, the teacher explained us the negative form of the past simple. Some of us had problems to understand the differences between don’t/doesn’t and didn’t, so we copied some activities from the blackboard. We also filled the gaps in a text choosing the verbs and writing them in past simple negative. Finally, we did an activity similar to one which appears in the exam, where we had to choose a,b or c in different sentences. 

Monday 26th JAN

On Monday we started reading our homework from last week. Some of us didn’t do them very good, so we had to do a brief writing while the teacher was talking about the weekend with the rest. After that, we started with some vocabulary from the unit 5. This time, we are going to study different places in a city: department store, newsagent, bookshop, etc. After reading some sentences and doing an activity, we continued with the grammar. We are learning about past simple, so we listened to the explanation and did some sentences in the affirmative form.

Tuesday 20th Jan

On Tuesday we worked on Reading Comprehension. We read some texts with different stories. For instance, there was one about a young businessman who made shoes for poor people. We answered questions related to these stories. Then, we read some other texts with emails, where the writer asked many questions. We had to answer the email with the questions and also make other different questions, respecting the rules of email writings. Finally, the teacher explained the homework we have to do for next week.

Monday 19th Jan

On Monday we started saying a couple of things that we had done during the weekend. Next, we read our homework aloud. After that, we opened the books to continue with this unit. This time, we reviewed the clothes vocabulary. It was quite easy for us, so we played a game about describing sports and pictures related to sports, saying some rules, the equipment you need or where can you do it. Finally, we did some activities to understand the differences between present simple and continuous.

Tuesday 13th Jan

On Tuesday we came with a lot of energy so we started the class talking about sports, the new vocabulary of this unit. We understood the different uses of do, play and go and we did some activities about it. After that, we completed the grammar part of the unit: present continuous. It’s quite easy for us, so we did a couple of activities and we jumped to the listening activities. These are more complicated! However, we worked very good and did a good job. We were on fire! Finally, the teacher sent us some homework for next week. Let’s see if we can keep the good attitude on our own.

Monday 12th January 

Happy New Year! We began the year writing about our holidays, using the past simple tense. We also read the things we did aloud for all the class to listen. Later, we spoke about our weekend, but we didn’t have anything special to tell. It’s the first week, and we already have exams! Finally, we started the Unit 4 with a brief exercise. It was a reading, ten stories about different activities using the verbs do, play and go.

Tuesday 9th December

This week was a short one, but on Tuesday we worked as if we had two classes. We didn’t strive too much in our homework, so the teacher made us work a lot in the class! We learnt how to use have to and don’t have to. We made some grammar activities on the book related to this, and we also understood the differences between have to/must and don’t have to/mustn’t. After that, we worked on the listening part, with some audios about different school trips. We corrected the listening activities and then, at the end of the class, we spoke about some school trips that we had done and each one of us said one thing about our weekend.


Tuesday 2nd December

On Tuesday, it happened the same as last week: we worked a lot on grammar! Hopefully, the teacher will give us a break next week with this. We reviewed all the countables and uncountables topic: how much, how many, there is, there are, a few, a little, some, any, a and an. We made lots of activities and we finally understood that we can’t count one milk, two milks but one glass of milk, two glasses of milk. We even had to compare with French to understand better!
We also reviewed some vocabulary related with food, and we said our favourite foods and drinks. It was funny, but now we have to do homework about this topic for next week!


Monday 1st December

On Monday, we started telling each other about our weekend. Now we also have to make questions to our partners using past simple. After that, we gave the teacher our homework. Obviously, homework is not our favourite task, but it is good for us to improve our writings. Then, we started using the book to review how much/how many and the new structures: a little and a few. Countable and uncountable nouns are complicated sometimes, because it is confusing if we think in Spanish. That’s why we must get used to think in English. We worked on this with some activities on the book and answering some questions the teacher made to us. To finish with the class, we spoke about the video we had to watch on the blog.

Tuesday 25th November

On Tuesday, we had a hard day of work, because all we did was grammar. We understood the differences and uses of: there is, there are, some, any, a, an, how much and how many. We did different activities on the book and we corrected them. We also had to write some sentences using how much and how many. Finally, the teacher explained us the homework we had to make for next week.



Monday 24th November

On Monday, after we told all the class about our weekend and asked questions to each other about their weekend, we started a new unit. This time, we started the vocabulary part, in which learnt about different furniture. We saw different things that we can find in a bathroom, a living room or our bedrooms. There were five pictures with different people doing different things, and we read a text in which we had to find out which picture it was describing. At the end of the class, we reviewed our homework mistakes and commented the video from the web.


Tuesday 18th November 

On Tuesday, we started with an activity about the pronouns. There was an email and we had to complete the gaps with different personal pronouns. We surprised the teacher, because we did it perfectly! We finished the Unit 2 with that, so we completed the review of both units in the pages 78 and 79 of the book. We did some activities about the present simple and our likes and dislikes, apart from reviewing how to make suggestions with the would you like to structure. We also made some activities on the blackboard, which we enjoyed. Finally, we completed a listening about the Cinema Club.
The bad news is that we have homework this week! We have to do a writing about our daily activities: the things we do, the things we can't do and the things we would like to do.

Monday 17th November

We began the week as usual, talking about our weekends using the past simple. After that, we did an activity from the book: there was a picture of a boy’s room with many objects, and we had to say “I can see… so I think he likes/he’s good at…”. There were many objects and different interpretations, so it was interesting. After that, we reviewed the personal pronouns and the pronouns on, at, in. It was a little bit confusing, so we think the teacher will make us review this again!

Tuesday 10th November

First of all, we started the class talking about our weekend as usual. It was a long weekend, so some of us had some interesting things to tell. After that, we continued speaking, this time following the book. We are learning different ways to express our likes and dislikes. So that, we asked each other questions about the things we like and hate, prefer and don’t mind doing, things we are brilliant in and things we are terrible at.


Monday 3rd November

As every Monday, we started the class telling each other what we did at the weekend. This time it was a long weekend, so many of us had interesting Halloween plans. After that, we used the book to understand the difference between “I like ___” and “I would like to ___”. We made a list of the things we like doing, don’t like doing and would like to do, and we share the list with our classmates, as they asked us questions.

Tuesday 4th November 

Tuesday was a very special day. It was the English Day! As it was a special day, we did an special activity: commenting pictures. First, the teacher showed us some pictures of famous graffities artworks which had a meaning, and we had to find out the meaning. Art is very difficult to figure out! After that, the teacher showed us some funny pictures and we had to say what we think it was happening. There were policemen in minibikes, a family canoeing in the grass and many other crazy things! Finally, he showed us just a part of a picture and we had to discover what it was. We were very good at this!

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