PET Secondary 2

Monday 23rd and Tuesday 24th May 

This week we worked on our last grammar section: Passive Voice and we also did some speaking and listening practice for our Pet test. 

Monday and Tuesday 9th and 10th May 

The exam is getting closer and we are working a lot on it. This week we have done a spekaing practice (page 61). For homework we have to do the reading task on page 65, exercises 3 and 4

Monday 18th April and Tuesday 19th April 

On Monday we first checked homework and then te teacher explained a new grammar topic: future tenses. 

On Tuesday we did a lsitening task and we also talked in pairs about animals in danger and why is it important to protect them and their habitats. 

For homework we have to do the worksheets the teacher gave us on future tenses

Monday 11th April 

On Monday we did a short listening practice and a speaking exercise on page 49. We worked on adjectives order and how to use them when describing pictures.

Tuesday 12th April 

On Tuesday we did a reading in class and talked about energy and how it can be created, used and re-used. 

For homework we ahve to do the grammar exrcises on page 48 and the exam tasks on page 53 (exercises 10 and 11) 

WEEK 19 

On Monday we checked the mock exam and on Tuesday we practiced all the parts of the speaking paper.

WEEK 18 

This week we have done a mock exam. We did the writing and reading sections and next week we will continue with speaking and listening. 

WEEK 17 

On Monday after checking homework adn reviewing grammar a bit we did a listenign task to practice for the PET test. 

On Tuesday we started a new topic. Music!! We first described some pictures and we also did a short lsitenign activities. Then we ended up talking about different kind of music, when and where we listen to music and how important it is for us. 


This week we only had class on Tuesday since Monday was a holiday. We first checked homework and then we talked about food, healthy diets and doing sports. We all agree on what we should do to be fit and healthy. For homework we have to do the reading task on page 37. 

Video of the week : FOOD IN BRITAIN

WEEK 15 

On Monday we worked on past simple and continuous. We checked homework and we alsoo finished the speaking test. 

On Tuesday we learnt how to tell a story using time adverbs and the teacher explained the writing task for this week. write a story page 35 . We also had time to start unit 6 and describe the pictures on page 36 


This week was the first aster the Christmas break and it was hard to be there at 8 o' clock on Monday but we did!! and did a listening pet task! we also checked homework and talked a bit about the holidays. On Tuesday we looked in detailed at the new words in the listening task, then we reviewd grammar: past simple. We also worked on picture description. For homework we have the reading task of the unit.

A song to practice past simple 

A video to practice pronunciation of regular verbs 

WEEK 10 

This week we were working on grammar (-ing fomrs again). The topic was natural disasters, we learnt new vocabulary and we did a listening task. For homework we have to do the reading in unit 3

Week 9 

On Monday we checked homework and then we started a new topic: sports. We talked about why sports are important and what can we learn from them. We spoke about team and individual sports and share our opinions. On Tueday we focused on grammar, this time  -ing forms. For homework we have to do the grammar reference of the unit and the reading. 

Week 8 

On Monday we worked on prefixes and suffixes, something completely new for us. We also did a listening activity page 17 and then we asked each others questions about our likes and dislikes. On Tuesday we did the culture section of the unit. It was about shopping around the world. We learned how to speak about information in pie charts. For homework we have to do the activities on page 19. 

Week 7 

This week we fist checked homework and we reviewed the new vocabulary learnet last week. We worked on ing forms¡, we learned when to use them and we learned an essential rule: after a preposition we always always always use the verb in the ing form. Finally we did a listening activity and for homework we have to do the grammar exercises on ing forms. 

Tuesday 12th November

Thos week we only had class one day. We started unit 2 about friendship. We learnt lots of new adjectives to describe personality and we also did a short listening task. For homework we have to do the reading in unit 2.

Watch out this video about two friends forever! Lovely!!

Tuesday 3rd November
This week we only had one lesson. We started by checking the exercises on the grammar reference 1 and then we read short texts about a special item. We read them in groups and then we told the rest of the class about this object. The teacher explained how to write a short text and for homework we have to write our text about something we have recently bought.

Monday 26th October 

On Monday we first checked homework and the teacher exlpained how to use some, any, much, many , a lot and several with countable and uncountable nouns. Then we did some practice on the books

Tuesday 27th October 

We continued with the grammar topic (countable and uncountable nouns) and then we watched the videos of the previous weeks and spoke about them. For homework we have to do the exercises in the grammar reference 1.

Monday 19th October

This week we started with the new book! On Monday we talked about shopping and we learned lots of new words related to the topic. On Tuesday we did the first listening and we continued talking about shopping. 

Tuesday 13th October

We only had class on Tuesday since Monday was a holiday. First we checked homework and we continued speaking about food a bit more. After that we worked on describing pictures and finally the teache gave us the our new books! For homework we have to write down the descriptions of the pictures and doing the reading on the worksheet too.

Monday was our first day. It was hard for everyone to be at school at 8 a.m. but there we were!! The PET students!! Willing to speak English. We spent sometime speaking about practical matters and then after a short dictation we spoke about food.

On Tuesday we continue with the food topic. This time the teacher brought a reading activity and some exercises to learn more vocabulary related to food. We learn new (and strange) words such as zuchini or pulses. We ended up speaking about our preferences and typical spanish food. Homework; finish the activities in the photocopy 

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