Hello dear families
Your kids did great in the mock exam!!!! So relax and have fun this long weekend!

Happy San Isidro.


Hello dear families

This week we only had one lesson, we did the last mock exam that they are going to do before the real exam!!!! We will finish it next week
They are going great, you will see!!!!


Hello dear families
Last week we kept working on our book and the kids start to create their own little play. It about a bear and his friends in the forest… we will see the results this week.
Have a nice week.


Hello dear families
Last week we finished unit 6, they all did a great job with their homework! So as they are doing great and behaving much better this week is free of homework.
Have a great week


This week has been special because some students were absent since they were in the week camp and we joined some students from the purple class too so we have watched a part of a movie. 


Hello dear families, WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL!!!
This week we have started a new unit, “MYTHICAL BEASTS”, in which they are going to learn new vocabulary about animals and beasts. For homework they have to create a beasts and write a description with a drawing of a creature of their choosing, they will read it to the class. Lets! See if how creative are they!!!

Have fun!!!

Hello dear families:
This was an excited week for the
green group students they had their last mock exam practice and next week I will let them know who is going to take the exam and who isn´t!!!
Good luck to everyone!!!! 

Hello dear families:
This week most of us were to the farm so we only had a lesson, in which we keep practicing the exam. They are doing great!!! We Will be keeping the good job getting ready for the exam.There is no homework this week for them.
Have fun.

WEEK 16 

WEEK 15 
Hello dear families! 
This week we have been working on the speaking and listening parts of the movers exam. They are doing a great job but they have to work hard so they can be ready for the exam. 
Have a nice weekend!


We had a busy week working on the MOVERS EXAM. On Tuesday they did the reading and writing paper of a real Cambridge exam, they did great and more importantly they are getting to know the exam so they get more prepare for the day of their exam. On Friday we review the results and explain them so everyone could learn from their mistakes.

No homework for them this week but they should see the video below.
Have a good weekend.


On Tuesday the purple class joined us and we worked in pairs. It was fun to be with the older students, first we played a guessing game and then we did a crossword. 
On Friday we worked on our books. 


Hello dear families!
This week we have been working on unit 4 “two return tickets” the topic is travel related. On Wednesday they worked on times doing activity 3 on page 49, they had to create sentences having into account the sence and the tense. They did a great job!!!!
For homework this week they have to read the story on page 50 and the activity 2 an page 51.
Have a great weekend!!!


Dear families
This week we have finished unit 3, “Danger!”, they did great!! For homework they have to do activities 3 and 4 on page 41. Even it says in pairs they can do it on their own.
This week video is a treat for you.
Have fun!!!


This was our last week before Christmas so I wish you a Merry Christmas!!! Also that everything you wish for the New Year will come true. We will continue working after the holidays.
See you soon.


Dear families:
This week we only had one class and it was Christmas theme! The teacher had a problem with her voice so we watched a movie instead of working on the book.
There aren´t any homework and  I know there were some difficulties with the last week homework, don’t worry we have all ready done it in the class!

Have a nice weekend!


Dear families,

This week we have finished unit 2! It’s being a great week, I’m very happy we you!!!! Great job!!!
They have a bit more homework than usual because we are not going to see each other till next Friday, so they have to do activity 4 on page 27 and activities 1, 2 and 3 on page 29.
Have a great long weekend!
See you soon!


On Tuesday we joined the purple class and the showed us how to play the guessing game so spent the class playing the game. On Friday we first  play a round of the guessing game and thenwe started unit 2. We learned the new words and for homework we have to write a sentences with each word.

Dear families
This week we have finished unit 1, for homework they have to finish the table on page 19 activity 1 and also activity 1 on page 21. Next We are going to start unit 2, its main them is the countryside, we´ll have so much fun!!!
Enjoy the weekend.    

Week 6 

This week we had the first lesson together with the purple class; we watched a video and then we did some activities related to it. Then we played a game. 

On Friday we went back to our green lessons, we talked about Egypt. For homework we have to read the story of the unit. 

Week 5
On this week we have worked on unit 1, introducing new vocabulary, new topics and new games! For homework this week they have to create 5 chains of words following the example on page 12 activity 3. They can use all kind of words, be creative!
Have a nice weekend.

On Tuesday we worked on our books. And on Friday was Halloween all over the place!!!!!! They have began their own spooky story and had to finish it at home for homework. Next week they will have fun telling them to their friends.



We have work on our new books!!!! We have done pages 4 and 5, working the grammar but mostly the expressions. Today they have been journalist and they have taken turns to interview themselves. For homework they have to copy the vocabulary on page 4 on the notebook and make a sentence for each word. Have a nice weekend!!!

Tuesday 13/10/15

In this lesson we played pictionary discreaving names and verbs.

Friday 16/10/15

Today we have seen part of the princess bride movie and after the viewing they had to make questions about the movie to each others, using the appropiate grammar.

Dear families,

This week in COAMI English School we had fun!

Tuesday 6th October

On Tuesday we played games like spot the differences or in my picnic basket I Have... doing so we reviewed grammar and vocabulary.

Friday 9th October
On friday they looked for words on a letters soup and created their own sentences.

Friday 22nd May

On Friday we continued with the Computers topic. After reviewing the vocabulary, we completed some activities in the Activity Book. It was a mix of exercises. There was one about unscrambling words, another with descriptions, one matching activity…a working hard day! Luckily, some 3 years old students were helping us and making our class be nicer. We could hear them sing and play games and it was very funny. We even had the time to play a couple of acting out games with them.

  Tuesday 19th May 

 After we checked the movers tasks that we had for homework, we played the odd one out game. Then we worked on the books.

 Thank you very much!!

Tuesday 12th May

Today we worked on speaking for the movers test. First we checked homework and later we practice how to do the odd one out and the differences in the speaking test. We also had time to work a little bit on the story too and next day we will continue with it since this Friday is a holiday. 

For homework we have to do parts 1 and 3 of the reading and writing test the teacher gave us (photocopy)

Tuesday 27th April 

On Tuesday we first checked homework and then played the guessign game as usual. Then we spoke about the shark whala. It's a topic that we all like very much so we enjoyed a lot watching some pictures and speaking about then. 

Friday 24th April 

On Friday we played the guessing game and then the teacher gave us some material to practice for the movers. We did part 1 and 3 of the reading and writing part. We realized that part 1 it’s similar to playing the guessing game, so it was quite easy for us. Part 3 was a little bit more difficult but all together got it!. Finally we listened to a couple of episodes of Lock and Key that we all like so much
Homework: Pupil’s book pages 54 and 55 exercises 1, 2 & 3.


 Tuesday 21st April 

On Tuesday we worked on the activity book pages 48 and 49. We  checked homework and then we played a speaking game asking each other the thing that we could do when we were younger.

Friday 17th April 

On Friday we worked in comparatives. We were comparing Shackleton's and Costeau's work and expeditions. Later we compared different books saying if they were more boring, more interesting, funnier, etc. 

Homework: activity book
p. 48 exercises 1 and 2. 
p. 49 exercise 6

Tuesday 14th April 

Today we have worked a lot! A very well! We started by checking the homework. After that we all together did exercises 3,5 and 5 on pages 48 and 49. We also did a listening and speaking task about David's school trip to the museum. Finally on our notebooks we have to match sentences with so and also translate them into Spanish. 

Friday 10th April 

After the guessing game we checked the movers test and then we started unit 5. This unit is about explorers and we talked about Cristopher Columbus. The teacher also explained a new grammar focus: there was/there were. We copied the grammar focus on our notebooks and we had to write some sentences with the new structure. Homework:  p. 48 pupil's book. Exercise 1 on the notebooks.


Tuesday 7th April 

Today we were back from holiday and we spent the class apeaking about what we did during the holidays and with the guessing game.

Friday 20th March 

On March we devoted the class to prepare ourselves for the movers listening test. We did all the parts of the listening test! One by one we were listening twice and them checking together. We were very excited because we all are willing to take the movers test!!


Tuesday 17th March 

On Tuesday we had a very funny lesson since the previous friday we worked a lot. First we played the guessing game as usual and then we played the review game of the book (page46) 

Friday 14th March 

On Friday we were doing some activities from the activity book. 


Tuesday 11th March 

On Tuesday first we showed or classmated our favourite book projects. We spoke about them for a while. They were all great and we put them on the corridor's wall. After that we opened our activities books and we worked a bit on them. Finally we did the listening of the units 3 and 4 revision on the pupil's book. 

Tuesday 3rd and Friday 6th March

This week two of our classmates were in the week camp. On tuesday we first played the guessing game as usual, then we checked homework and we talked about different books we like. We talked too about the Chronicles of Narnia since the teacher said she didn't know what this books was about we told her the plat, the characters, the setting, etc. 

On Friday we made a project!! Great!! We had been asking to the teacher for a project for ages!! The project is about our favourite books. We had to create a poster, write on it about the author,  characters, setting, plot, etc. and then present our project to the rest of the class

Friday 27th February 

After playing the guessing game as usual we did the speaking task on page 42; we asked each other questions in past. Then we spoke about different types of books we know: novels, adventure books, textbooks, dictionaries, etc. We realized that there are many different types of books. Then we read about some of them and also about the biggest book of the world, which is an atlas. Finally we watched a video about this atlas. 

Tuesday 24th February 

On Tuesday we started with the guessing game and then we checked homework. We reviewed again how to pronounce past simple verbs and we learnt the spelling rules to form the past simple with regular verbs. Finally we listened to the rhyme on page 42 and we practiced saying it.

Friday 20th February 

After the guessing game we did a dictation and the teache asked questions about it. 
For homework we have to do pages 38 and 39 (Activity book). 


Tuesday 17th February 

On Tuesday we started with the guessing game. Then we sang the song of the unit and filled the gaps with the cardinal numbers. 

Tuesday 10th February 

This week we have only had class on Tuesday. That day we worked on pronunciation. We learned how to pronounce the -ed ending of regular verbs in past simple. Then we listend to Simon, Alex, Stella and Meera. The went to Alex's house, who lives in flat on a 5th floor. We spoke about what floor we live on and how often do we use the lift or the stairs. 


Friday 6th February

Today the teacher brought something new to the class. A list of words; the movers list. We played a game defining words from the list. Then we started unit 4 on the book looking at the pictures on page 38 and then listening to the recording. For homework we have to do exercises 4 and 6 on page 39. 

Tuesday 3rd

On Tuesday we worked on the activity book. First we checked some exercises and then we did some exercises on past simple.

Friday 23rd January 

Today we started by asking each other the questions on page 31. Then on our notebooks we invented 5 more questions in the past similar to the ones in the book. We moved around the class asking each other our questions. It was quite fun. Here you can see how we did it.

After that we worked on the activity book. We all aloud did the first exercise on page 31 and the exercise on phonetics on page 32. Phonetics is something completely new for us but we liked very much and we all wanted to take part in the acitivity. 

Homework. page 30 activity book. 

Finally we want to send a kiss to Nathaly, we have missed you this week in class. We hope you get better soon!!

TUESDAY 20th January 

On Tuesday we continued with our unit on health matters. First we acted out the dialogue on page 31. Then we talked about our last weekend using verbs in the past. Learning to speak about past events is being a little hard for us but we are making an effort and the results are being good! Even if we have to improve our pronunciation of the past forms of the verbs.

Friday 16th January 

Today we continued with the unit about health and the use of the past, we did some
speaking and listening. After this we played a game to review the vocabulary from last term, it
was fun to check how well we remembered things!


Tuesday 13th January 

Today we started unit 3. It's about health matters, we already new some of the new vocabulary like headache or toothache but we also learnt some words like degrees, a medical test or cough. First we worked on the book listening to Simon's terrible week and asking questions about it and then we moved to the activity to started working on unit 3. 

Friday 12th December

On Friday first we did the reivew of units 1 and 2 in our activity books (pages 26 and 27) and then we spent the rest of the class doing acitvities related to CHRISTMAS!! First, we all together read a poem about santa and then we did a crossword with christmas words such as decorations, gingerbread, carol, lights, etc. 


Tuesday 9th December

On Monday we worked on the pupil's book pages 20 and 21, first we listened to a phone conversation between Mr. Star and Granpa Star about Simon,Stella and Suzy talking about how they do the sport and then we spoke about the things that we do slowly, quickly, carefully, loduly, quietly, etc. 

Friday 5th December

Today we continued working on sports. We spoke about water sports and the sports we want and we don't want to learn. We also played the guessing game on p. 19. . We listened to the different sports on p. 18 and we had to say the letter of the picture that matched with the speaker. Then we also listened to the new song of the unit on p. 21

Tuesday 2nd December

Today we started unit 2, this unit about sports and we classified the sports we know in English in outside and inside sports. Then we did a listening exam task on the activity book.

TUESDAY 25th November

This week we only had class on Tuesday, we started by checking the homework. Then we create our own dialogues in pairs simulating that one of us was new in the school. The dialogues we made were great and the teacher was so happy with our work that we all had a sticker! For homework we ahve to do exercise 3 on p. 17 in the activity book and read the dialogue on p. 18 in the pupil's book.  




Friday 21st November

On Friday first we sang Happy Birthday to José Enrique, he brought some chocolates for the green classmates for his birthday! Thank you Jose!! Then we worked on numbers. first we listened to number and then we wrote then, but they were big numbers!! And also dates! We learnt two new words: metres and centimetres (very esay words because are quite similar to Spanish). Finally we spoke about the thing we would do if there were a new kid in the class and we listened to the four situtations on p. 16. For homework we have to do pages 11-13 and 15 on the activity book.

Tuesday 18th November

On Tuesday we started by reviewing the vocabulary of the unit. Then we checked homework and we continued working on our activity books.

Friday 14th November,

On Friday we learn the new song: the teacher's song. We all prefer the morning rap but the new one it isn't bad. Then we learnt something new, we learnt to make sentences with the relative pronoun who. We played a guessing game; we had to say sentences like this is the boy who is playing tennis and our classmates had to guess the person. Then we worked on the activity book page 8. For homework we have to do pages 6 and 7 on the act. book and listen to the song.

Tuesday 11th November.

On Tuesday first we read our writing about our teachers that we had to do for homework. Then we listenend to the Star Family, there were at the school show and we met Simon's teachers. Then the teacher made questions about what we listenend and fianlly we completed exercise 3 on our notebooks. 

Tuesday 4th November

On Tuesday we started by singing the morning rap Rachel was the first one to sing it without looking at the book. She learnt it by heart! After singing the morning rap the teacher gave us some Halloween acvitities because on Halloween day we didn't have class and we couldn't do anything related to Halloween.

Friday 7th November

On Friday everybody knew the morning rap by heart! We sang it all together and then we worked on the book. On page 8 we talked about Stella, Simon, Lenny, Meera and the things that are difficult or easy for them. In order to practice the adjectives we also talked about how busy we are on Friday afternoon. Then we did a listening activity, it was very easy we just had to listen and match the speakers and the pictures.



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