WEEK 29 

Monday 23rd  and Wednesday 24th May 

This week it was the last week before the exam so we spent both lessons reviewing and practising for the test. We are all ready for it!! Good luck!! 

WEEK 28 

Wednesday 17th May 

This week we only had class on Wednesday and since it was a special week in the school we joined the orange class and we watched a film together. 

WEEK 27 

We keep reviewing fot the exam so this week we hav edone practice tests both day, Monday and Wednesday and we have also played games to review spelling with the flascards and the words cards. For homework we have to copy and answer the questions on page 57 in our notebooks. 

WEEK 26 

This week we only had class one day, the exam date is approaching so we did a practice test, this time we worked on reading and writing. When we finished we played a game to review spelling. 


Monday 25th April 

Today we finished the food topic and we started a new unit: Farm animals! We fisrt said the vocabulary ew knew about farm animals and then we learned some new words. We also sang of the song of the unit and play a game with the flashcards. 

Wednesday 27th April 

On Wednesday we lsitened to Simon, Stella and Suzy in the farm and then the teacher made some questions about the animals they saw in the farm and the acitivites they did there. Then we spent the rest of the class reviewing vocabulary we have learnt so far in the course since the exam is getting closer. In fact for homework we have to study vocabulary using the pictory at the back of the book. We have to review from units 1 to 7 and unit 11 too! 

WEEK 24 

Monday 18th April

Today we did a starters practice test, the exam is getting closer and we are doing a great job getting ready for it! This time we did a listening task and then we played a bingo game with food words. 

Tuesday 20th April 

On Tuesday we first reviewed spelling of food words. Then we read a text on the book and talked about Simon's favourtie food for lunch and dinner. Then we spoke about the food we like and we don't and we ended up copying and completing a short text on our notebooks. 

For homework we have to draw the food we like in our notebooks and write sentences: 

I like ....................... for breakfast 
I like................ for lunch
I like.................. for dinner


Monday 11th April 

On Monday we did a practice test for the Cambridge Exam (Starters)

Wednesday 13th April 

On Wednesday we joined the orange class and watch a movie in English

WEEK 21 

Wednesday 30th March 

Today we were back from holidays and we were back to our Englihs lessons too! We first spoke about our holidays and then we reviewed food vocabulary. We also did some practice for the Starters exam and finally we played the reacing game with the cards that we love. For homework we hace to do exercise 5 in page 17 in the booklet

WEEK 19 

Wednesday 9th March 

New unit! This time the topic is food!! Yummy!! We reviewed food words we already knew and we learnt new ones. At the end we played a racing game with the flascards!

Monday 7th March 

Today we practice the listening part of the Starters exam. It has 4 parts and it took the whole lesson. We specially liked the last part in which you have to colour! We loved it!

WEEK 18 

Wednesday 2nd March

On Wednesday we did a practice test. We ogt nervous and excited but the teacher explained that it was just a practice to get ready for the exam. No homework this week!

Monday 29th February 

On Monday we first chekced homework and then we listened  and read the story of the unit. This time Trevor is asking all the others characters what they are doing. Later we had great fun acting out the story.

WEEK 17 

Wednesday 24th February 

On Wednesday we first checked homework. We are doing great with the preparation for the exam. Then we talked about food we like and what we usually have for breakfast. We did two more tasks of the starters test and wrote some food words on the blackboard. Finally we played In my picnic basket. No homework this week!! Have fun in the farm!! 

Monday 22nd February 

On Monday the orange class joined us and we watched some videos on the blog together and talked about them. 

Monday 15th February 

On Monday we first showed the class and talked about oru family trees, then we palyed a game with the Star Family. Then spoke about what people are doing in a picture and wrote 12 sentences on our notebooks describing pictures. It was a hard work for us to write so many sentences in English and we all did it and got a stamp for it. 

Wednesday 17th February

On Wednesday the teacher explained us what the starters exams is. We are all very excited about it becuase we all want our Cambrdige Diploma so we all promise to wor hard to get it. We stated working on the exam and we did the two lsitening tasks. You can see pictures of us below to see how concentrated we were doing the listening. For homework we have to do a reading task pages 106 and 107 on the pupils book. 

WEEK 16 

This week we only had class on Wednesday. We first checked homework in the booklet and then we started unit 4: MY FAMILY. We talked about the members of the Family Star and we also told our classmates about our families. We then did a couple of exercises on the booklet and say what the family members were doing in the pictures. We finally did a special activity that will be a susprise on Sunday for people we love!! For homework we have to draw our family trees on our notebooks. 

WEEK 15 

On Monday we joined the orange class and we were watching funny videos and asking questions about them. We review house and furniture vocabulary. 

On Wednesday we did the review of units 1-4 on page 32 and then we played the board game on page 33. For homework we have to finsihed unit 4 in the booklet. 


On Monday we first checked the homework and then we listened to the song of the unit. Then we played a game with our backpacks asking : whose is this backpack? 

On Wednesday we joined the orange class; it was to be all together; we did an activity in pair to practice ordinal numbers and then a crossword to review fruits and vegetables. 

WEEK 12 

Blue class
This week we have started a unit 4: At home. First we listened to Stella and Simon talking at home and we learnt how to say a few things they have in their bedrooms. We practiced spelling the new words and we played a racing game with the flashcards that was really fun!!

On Wednesday we drew a house on our notebooks and wrote the words we learnt. Then we read the chance, we always love chants so one by one we said it aloud. After that we did a listening task on page 27. For homework we have to copy the chant on the notebooks and threre will be extra stamps for the ones who learn it by heart!! 

WEEK 11 

This week was our last weeK. On Monday we checked homework and we played a speliing game with words related to toys. We said which toys we would like for Christmas this year. We finished the activities in unit 3 in the booklet. On Wednesday we were very excited because we moved to another room for our lesson. The teacher had prepared Christmas activities and we had fun signing Christmas carols and colouring a christmas tree. We especially liked S-A-N-T-A song!!

WEEK 10 

This week we only had class on Wednesday. First we checked homework and then we asked each other Whose is this...? and whose are these...? Then we listened to the story of the unit and acted it out. For homework we have to do exercise 3 on page 10 in the booklet. 


On Monday we started unit 3: Toys. We talked about the toys we like and we wrote them down on our notebooks and made a picture of them. We also listening to the story of the unit. 

On Wednesday we played a game with the toys cards and we learnt the difference between this and these. We practiced saying THIS IS A DOLL, THESE ARE LORRIES, ETC.

For homework we have to doe exercises 1 and 2 on page 10 Booklet


This week the orange class joined us in our lessons. On Monday we talked about our families and although the students of the orange class are older and speak English very well we show them that we can also speak about our families very well. We also had a lots of fun playing games and on Thursday we talked about thanksgiving and we said thnigs we are thankful for. Finally we all danced the turkey dance!


This week we continued with unit 2. We learn the numbers school chant on Monday and by Wednesday averybody sang it very well. We also learnt a song with school object and for the first time we sang with the karoake version! It was a bit confusing because we didn't know when to start singing!! For homework we have to finish page 7 of the booklet. 

Wednesday 4th November
This week was shorter. We only had one lesson. We started a new unit and we learned how to say all the materials we use in class. We already knew some words and others, such as, cupboard were new for us. The teacher asiré how many desks, blackboards, bookcases,etc were in the classroom and we answered saying there is and there are. Finally we played a funny game acting out situations in the class when we are polite.
Homework: Page7 booklet

Monday 26th October

Today was the English day in the school so we were very excited! At the beginning of the class we did the first page of the booklets. We reviewed the pronouns and also we played a spelling game 

Wednesday 28th October

Since this weekend it's halloween we celebrated it in class. We all love spooky things and monster so we had fun looking for differences in a spooky pictures and then we played a memory game in the white board! The class was really fun (Not scary at all because we are big boys and girls) and on top of that the teacher gave us some Halloween stickers and candies!! At the end we all danced the skeleton dance!!

Happy Halloween!! 

Wednesday 21st October

We started playing a game with the flashcards. We had to remember the names and ages of the members of the well known family Star. After that we listened to the story of the unit where Marie, Monty, Maskman and Trevor were counting objects. It was really fun as we found out which is Trevor's favourtie food; pencils!! 

Monday 19th October 

We first review the alphabet and play a spelling game and a memory game. After that we worked a bit on the books. We spelt the colours and talked about the family Star

Wednesday 14th October

This week we only had class one day and we got a surprise!! We received the new books!! We were excited about it! We put a cool sticker on the covers with our names and then we saw Star Family again! We all remembered their names and we were speaking about them; later we talked about our families. 

Monday 5th October

Today was our first day and we were excited. New teacher, some new mates and of course we will have a new book. But since we still dont have the book we spent the first day introducing ourselves to the new teacher and playing some funny games such as in my picnic basket!!

Wednesday 7th October

Today we started we reviewing numbers, We all know very well how to count in English but when it comes to write the numbers it's another story... We had to write down numbers from 1 to 20. It was hard!! Even if we had a poster with the spelling in the class!! After so much work we spent the rest of the class playing a game with the alphabet cards. It was exciting as we had to say the letters and walk by the cards at the same time!! If we made a mistake we had to start again!!! It was really fun! 

Thursday 21st May 

Today we started by singing the song we learnt on Monday (page 59) Then we spoke about the picture above asking each other questions: Where is the box? The box is on the floor. Where is the pink book? It's behing the flowers. Etc 

After that we practice for the Starters Test (pages 106, 107,108 and 109 pb) we listened to the story on page 61, we read it and spoke about it. For homework we have to finish the Starters test and the end of the book (pages 110,111 and 112)


Monday 18th May 

On Monday we first checked homework. After that we reviewed the new vocabulary about the city: In the shoe shop we buy shoes, in the supermarket we buy food, etc. We are also working on prepositions, so we sang the song on page 59 and act it our. It was really funny! 

Thursday 14th May 

First we copied a riddle in our notebooks with gaps and we filled them with words. Then we started a new unit! Unit 8! It's about my town, we learned that town means city. We talked about the different places in our city and what can you do there.

Monday 11th May

Today we did a mok exam. As usual we were a bit nervous, this time was reading and writing and we had some doubts about how to some tasks but the teacher explained them and we all finished it. When we finish we continued showing our classmates our work about sport rules

Thursday 30th April

On Thusday the teacher asked again the numbers. We still make some mistakes when spealling number so we had to wirite them down on our notebooks from 11 to 20 and then 30,40,50,60,70,80,90, 100, 101, 125. We tried harder and we did not make many mistakes. Then we played a ver funny game with music. We listened to some classical music and we have to relate the music to animals. It was really fun and we repeated the activity twice (page 54). Fianlly on page 55 we read together about the rules in different sports using can and can't. For homework we have to write the rules of any sport we want on our notebooks. 

Monday 27th April 

On Monday we continued speaking about animals. First we played a guessing game defining animals, later we worked on the booklets.

Thursday 16th April 

On Thursday we started with a game about farm animals. Then we listened to the toys story. In the story Monty cant' sleep and we started counting sheep. We spoke about what we do when we go to bed and what we do when we can't sleep. Then we practice Monty's Phonics. We love this section. This time we practice the phoneme /s/ like in spider, star, sleepy. 

For homework we have to write down Monty's Phonics on the notebooks and practice saying it aloud.

Monday 20th Aprill 

On Monday the Red group was in class with us. We all together played spelling and guessing games. Then we showed them our favourite song: Penguins!!

Today we worked really well! We started with a lsitenign activity, we listened to Monty, Mary, and Maskman talking about animals. The teacher made questions about what we heard and we all answered very well. Then we learn somtehing new for us; we learn to say 'So do I' when we mean 'me too' . Then, since we were working great the teacher proposed a game, a guessing game with cards! It was really cool! but some words were difficult to guess! Finally, as the teacher said last week, she asked numbers spelling. We finished the lesson writing on our notebooks numbers from 1 to 70! What a hard work! 

For homework: Booklet page 18 exercises 1 and 2. 

Monday 13th April

Today it was the BOOK DAY!! We were all dressed up to celebrate this special day. This year the topic was Alice in Wonderland so we had crazy hatters, white rabbits and many Alices in the classroom. We were very excited so we forgot about the book and we spent the class explaining our costumes to our friends and watching and speaking about some parts of the film that we like a lot!

Thursday 9th April 

Today we started speaking about our Easter holidays. Then we listened to Simon, Stella and their friend on a trip to the farm (page 48). We learnt hoew to name animals like goat, lizard, sheep, etc. After that we did a short dictation. Finally we sang a crazy song about animals in a house and we asked and answered questions: Where are the cows? How many fros are in the kitchen?....(page 49)

For homework we have to reviewed the spelling of numbers from 1 to 20 and copy the animals and draw them on our notebooks. 

Monday 16th March

This week we only had englsih lesson on Monday since Thursday it was the father's day and was a holiday. On Monday we did a practice test for Starters. As usual when we have a practice test, we were nervous but we did it great!

Thursday 12th March 
ru Today we started by listening to Simon, Stella and Suzy talking to Mr. Star at the kitchen. Then we learnt to ask for something and answer in a polite way: Can I have some/a/an ..... please? Here you are. We practiced this question in pairs for a short time. Later it was time for fun!! We played a food bing and the scrambled words! For homework we have to do exercise 3 on booklet page 16

 Monday 9th March. 

First we checked homework. After that the teacher asked to act out the dialogues that we completed for homework on the booklet. At the beginning was difficult to act out the dialogue without reading on the book but after a few times we all were able to say the dialogue!!

Thrusday 5th March

Today we continued speaking about food. First we listened and sang the song on page, then on our notebooks we made a chart with food with have for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner or as a snack. Finally we talked about our favourite breakfas, lunch, snack and dinner. 

Monday 2nd March

First we checked homework. Then we started unit 6 by listening to Mr. Star and his children speaking about breakfast, lunch and dinner. Then the teacher asked questions related to the listening. Finally we played a game with the food cards

Thursday 26th Febuary 

On Thursday we finished the exercises on the worksheet we started on Tuesday. One of the activities was a bit of a challenge because we didn't very well how to unscramble the words but at the end we got it! Then we learnt the new vocabulary of unit 6: Food. Finally we had some fun watching the videos of the blog and singing our favourite songs. 

Monday 23rd February 

On Monday first we checked homework. Then the teacher gave us a worksheet and we did some exercises on it. 

Thursday 19th February 

On Thursday we started with a dictation on our notebooks. Then we played a game with the picture on p.40 and finally we said what we saw on the map picture on p. 41. For homework we have to do exercises 1 and 2 on p. 15 in the booklet


Monday 16th February 

On Monday fisrt we checked homework. Then the teacher ask some questions about our families and then we spoke Lenny's family. After that we listened to the story; we always like the stories. We listened and read and the teacher asked questions about the story.

Thursday 12th February 

We continued with action words. This time the teacher said a number and we had to say He or she is...... (p.36). Then we wrote sentences on our notebooks describing the picture (For example: Simon is throwing the ball). At the end we sang the song of the unit and played a guessing game with the actions. For homework we have to do exercises 1 and 2 on page 14 in the booklet.


 Monday 9th February 

On Monday we worked on families. We read our wirtings about our families and then we spoke about Lenny's family looking at his family tree on page 35. We asked and answered questions about the members of his family. Then we listen to the actions on p. 36 and we acted them out. We learn new action words such as kick, hit or throw.

Thursday 5th February. 

Today we had a listening session; since we are preparing for the Cambrdige exam we did two STARTERS listening tasks. For homework we have to write about our families on our notebooks. 


Monday 2nd February

Today we started by checking homework. After that we played a guessing game; we had to explain something and our classmates had to guess the word. Then we spoke about our families: I have one brother, My brother is 6..., etc.

Thursday 22nd January. 

Today we started with a short dictation. After checking it all together in the blackboard. The teacher explained something new for us: THIS, THESE, THAT AND THOSE. One by one we all had to put examples using these new words (demonstrative pronuouns). Finally we watched the video of the week and we sang the song about parts of the house that we all like so much. 

Monday 19th January 

We started by checking homework. Then the teached had something different for us to do. Our first listening test. We all sat down individually and listened to the recording twice. We had to draw lines and place the objects in the bedroom. At the beginnign we all were nervous about this new activity but at the end it wasn't so difficult.

Thursday 15th January

Today we asked and answer questions with Whose. We practiced saying It's mine, They're mine, It's yours, They're yours. After that we sing a new song (page 29). For homework we have to do exercises 1 and 2 on p. 12 in the booklet. 


Tuesday 13th January 

Today we started reviewing the new words that we learnt last week. Then we tried to define them in English saying: 'It's an object that we use for...' After that we listened to Suzy and Stella playing with  Suzy's doll's house and the teacher asked questions about the different rooms and the objects in them. To finsih the teacher asked to spell number from 11 to 20 and the new words

Thursday 8th January

Today was our first day back to school after Christmas Holidays so we were speaking about the thing we did on holidays and the presentes we received from Santa and the Three Wise Men. Then we reviewed spelling of number from 11 to 20. After that we started with the new topic: the house. The teacher described a part of the house and we had to name it, then we all practised the new words of the unit 4: sofa, mat, lamp, clock... and we played a guessing game with them. 

Homework: practice spelling of numbers- 


Thursday 11th December

This week we only had class on Thursday. First the teacher checked that everybody had done the homework on the booklet. Then we started with CHRISTMAS THINGS!! First the teacher wrote of words about Christmas on the blackboard and we had to write them down on our notebooks and draw a picture of them. We learned words like tinsel, baubles, candy cane, present, etc. Then we did a very difficult crossword with many many new words such as decorations, lights. carol, gingerbread... The teacher said that was a difficult crosswords but at the end it was easy and we managed to do it! in pairs! Finally we learned a new Christmas song! Santa Claus is coming to town

Thursday 4th December

Today we did an special activity; a listneing exercise like in the Cambridge exam!! We have to say that it was a lit bit challengung (not difficult) at the beginning we did not understand very well how to do the activity but them we all managed to do it!
Homework: Booklet unit 3 page 11 exercises 4 


Monday 1st December

Today we started asking and answering questions with Whose is this...?. Than we worked on the booklet unit3 and we listenend to Stella, Simon and Suzy speaking about their toys. 

Monday 24th November

On Monday we spoke about our favourite toys and we also described the toys of the unit saying the colour and what they can do. Then we learnt something totally new for us; in English, when we want to say that something belongs to someone y only say the name of the person followed by 's . SO we spent the class asking Whose is this ...? It's Stella's , It's Simon's... and so on. We enjoyed a lot because it was funny to hear our names with an s at the end; for examples: It's Julian's or It's Aitana's. Then we sang the song on p. 21 we liked very much!

Thursday 27th November

We started with a dictation reviewing 's . Then we spelt the vocabulary of the unit and fnally we listened to the story of unit 3. It was about the robot 'Metal Mouth', we all found the name very funny and we ended up saying our names as if we were robots. Homework: Booklet p. 10 exercises 1 and 2. 

Since this week we are speaking about toys let's watch a scene from TOY STORY!! I hope you enjoyed it!

Thursday 20th November

On Thursday we learnt to spell the new vocabulary: robot, watch, computer game, doll, train, etc. Then we practiced saying THIS IS A .... THESE ARE.... We also played I spy with my little eye and then we wrote in our notebooks the new words. For homework we only have to draw the pictures next to the words we wrote in class in our notebooks.



Monday 17th November

Today we started a new unit! We like this unit very much because it's about something we really like!! TOYS!! we spoke about the toys we like and we said our favourite toy. Then we listened to Stella, Simon, Suzy and Meera, they were in a TOY SHOP!! We learnt about the toys they like.


This week we didn't have class on Monday because it was holiday in Madrid. On Thursday we started checking homework and saying where are the objects in the classroom _Where's the pencil? It's on the desk..._ Then we said sentences with there is and there are and we did a short dictation to review how to write number from 11 to 20 and classroom objects. Finally, we listened to the TOYS STORY, it was very funny and we all laughed when we discovered Trevor's favourite food: PENCILS!!! Then we talked about our favourite food too and of course noboday said PENCILS!! For homework we have to look at the picture on page 16 (Pupil's book) and say sentences using there is and there are, then, on our notebooks we write 5 of these sentences.


 Monday 3rd November

First we reviewed the vocabulary classroom objects: desk, chair, bookcase, cupboard, computer, pencilbox, whiteboard, blackboard and ruler. Then we played a game with flashcards and wordcards, we had to match them. After that sang the song: NUMBERS SCHOOL. We liked it because it's a kind of rap song. After that we worte number on the notebook from 10 to 20.

Thursday, 6th November

When we arrived to the class the teacher had put all the wordcards and flashcards on the blackboard but they were worng! they didn't match! The first one to noticed that was Julian so he started putting them in the right place and some others students helped too because there were many cards! Then we learnt to say THERE IS and THERE ARE. We learnt that we use there is when we talk about only one thing and that we use there are when i'ts for 2 or more things. The teacher asked us to write 6 sentences on our notebooks using there is and there are and objects in the classroom. Finally, we did a listeing acitivity, the one on page 12, we had to guess the desh the girl is talking about and we managed to identigy the desk!

For homework we have to do page 9 in the booklet.


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