Tuesday  16th May

On Tuesday we worked on a new topic: summer clothes. We tried to learn words such as: swimsuit, cap, flip-flops, sandals, shorts and sunglasses. We practiced these words with drawings on the blackboard and games on the computer.

Tuesday 3rd May

On Tuesday we played the chairs game for a while as it is a great way to remember vocabulary. After that, we tried to learn some basic routines such as comb the hair or brush the teeth.

Friday 6th May

On Friday, the teacher read us a story called ‘your alien’. It was  great fun! We loved listening to stories so we invented a new one until it was time to play some games.

Tuesday 26th April

On Tuesday, we completed a spring related worksheet. We also spoke about the things we like and don’t like about spring and winter. And after speaking with the computer, we sang some of the songs we know.

Friday 29th April

On Friday, we did a worksheet to review the adjectives we previously worked. After that, we used the whiteboard to play more matching cards games to review the vocabulary.

Tuesday 19th April

On Tuesday, we continued working on the adjectives: big, small, tall, short, fat, thin, fast, slow, beautiful and ugly. We played some vocabulary games and used the blackboard to guess out drawings by Iván. At the end of the class, we watched the new ‘Do you like…’video which we love.

Friday 22nd April

On Friday, we used the whiteboard to play some matching card games with vocabulary. It was good because we had the sound and the picture so we had to pay attention to the listening. We also played a description game with adjectives, speaking about our teachers and us.

Tuesday 12th April

On Tuesday, we continued with the review, focusing this time in classroom objects and learning about outdoor toys. We played a game pretending we were in a park: the teacher made mimics and we had to guess the word or action. It was fun!

Friday 15th April

On Friday, we spent half of the class playing games such as hide and seek, chairs and crazy telephone. We learnt some words about spring and worked on opposite adjectives: fat and thin, big and small, beautiful and ugly; and fast and slow. We watched a video about it at the end of the class.

Tuesday 5th and Friday 8th April 

This week we have played reviewed games and now that spring is here we have learnt some words related it. 

Friday 1st April

On our third day of school we came back to our English lessons. As we were fit, we could do many games to review the vocabulary worked during the year. We played some games on the whiteboard, another one with the chairs, the shoes…anything works to learn! We also played hide and seek and watched a video about outdoor toys, such as swing, slide or roundabout and talked about our school.

Tuesday 8th March

On Tuesday, we made a review of the vocabulary learnt: winter clothes, means of transport, animals, parts of the house, classroom objects, prepositions…and we started a new one: musical instruments. We learnt: piano, guitar, trumpet, violin, harp, flute and triangle. At the end of the class we played ‘the odd word’

Friday 11th March

On Friday, we continued with the musical instruments. We watched a Little Einsteins video and when it finished, we had a long conversation in English with the computer. It is funny because it drives the teacher crazy! Finally, we played ‘the odd word’ again. We love this game!

Tuesday  1st March

On Tuesday we worked on the classroom objects: pencil, crayons, chair, table, window, door, paper, scissors, blackboard, whiteboard…lots of useful words! We played an indications game and at the end of the class we started a worksheet.

Friday 4th March

On Friday we finished the classroom objects worksheet. We tried to understand the difference between pets, farm and wild animals. We also learnt some prepositions of place: in, on, under and behind.

Tuesday 16th February 

We started the week with a vocabulary review and our favourite game: the odd word. We also used the foam ball to play with it. Then, we started learning about classroom objects: window, door, table, chair, pencil, book…it was fun to run and touch!

Friday 19th February 

On Friday we completed a worksheet about body parts, trying to learn some new words. It was amazing to write in English. We also used the whiteboard to play a game with classroom objects.

Tuesday 9th February

On Tuesday we continued with the new topic we are learning: means of transport. We played some acting out games and even drew them on the blackboard. After that, we played a really long game with hundreds of flashcards to review lots of vocabulary. It was great fun!

Friday 12th February

On Friday we completed a worksheet about means of transport. We also had time to draw different vocabulary on the blackboard and try to guess it, since we loved it last day. Finally, we played “the odd word” which we also liked and talked to the “magic computer”

Tuesday  2nd February

On Tuesday we started playing games (repeat the chants, crazy telephone, the odd word and acting out games) to review different vocabulary. After that, we completed a worksheet about the topic we had been working: winter clothes. We also had time at the end to watch a video about transport.

Friday 5th Ferbruary

On Friday we continued with the new topic we are learning: transport. We learnt different means of transport: bus, train, car, motorbike, bike, plane, boat and helicopter. We played an acting out game pretending to be machines and we watched some videos and sang a song related to the topic.

Tuesday 19th January

On Tuesday we kept on talking about clothes. We understood the differences between winter clothes (gloves, coat) and summer clothes (swimming suit, shorts). We played the odd word, repetition and acting out games. Finally we watched a video about a funny fashion show.

Friday 22nd January

Again, we received the visit of the 3 year olds and it was even funnier. We practised some action verbs and taught them some of the songs we know in order to improve pronunciation. We also watched some hilarious videos about greetings and clothes.

Tuesday 12th January

We had our second English class after Christmas. We said some chants repeating the teacher to remember the previous vocabulary and we worked on the new one: Winter clothes.

 Friday 14th January

On Friday we had a surprise: 3 year olds came with us! We acted like grown ups and we helped them learn English. It was super fun! We played lots of games with them and we were kind of teachers. We reviewed basic vocabulary and acted out a story the teacher told us. Finally we watched a Peppa Pig video.

Friday 11th December

On Friday we played games with a strange ball made of foam. It’s funny because it can’t hurt anyone, so we passed it, threw it and kicked it to play pronunciation games. We also played “the odd word" to review several word categories. Finally, we freaked out with the ‘what do you want for Christmas?” video.

Tuesday 1st December

On Tuesday we started December, a month we love because of Christmas(and holidays). However, before starting with that topic, we reviewed many topics we've been learning since last year: animals, family, verbs, numbers, feelings, colours, classroom objects, fruit, food, parts of the body and some others. We did it all through games, so the class was active and hilarious. We loved it!

Friday 4th December

We finished the week singing songs instead of playing games. It's something we love too and it's quite helpful for our pronunciation. So we sang and danced after our daily games to practise structures. Parents, if you say “five little monkeys” you'll be hearing us sing the whole day!

Tuesday  24th November

We started our English week reviewing the new vocabulary (verbs) and learning a few more words: climb, cry, crawl, wiggle, shout, laugh…we played some acting out games and after that we moved into a new activity. The teacher described something and we had to find out the Word. If we did it well, we received a star. Álvaro was the winner! Finally, we danced a Thanksgiving song.

Friday 27th November

To finish the week, we started with the crazy telephone and a movement game. We reviewed structures and vocabulary. After that, we completed a worksheet related to the verbs we’ve been learning. To finish the week, we played a new vocabulary game passing a ball. It was great fun!

Tuesday 17th November

On Tuesday, we started with the days of the week song and playing the crazy telephone. We tried to learn some new verbs: crawl, wiggle, climb and laugh. We played some games to move and stretch and finally we reviewed the food vocabulary throughout the whiteboard, the blackboard and our imagination!

Friday 20th November

Finally, on Friday we reviewed the verbs we learnt on Tuesday and some older vocabulary, as we moved on quickly to another activity. We had to complete a worksheet with different food items.We said them, coloured them and circled our favourites.

Friday 13th November 

 On Friday we met a new character: Longinus, the baby. He was useful because we worked on the family members: mother, father, brother and sister. It’s funny that some of us don’t know our parents’ name! ‘My father is papi’ we heard. We listened to different “family finger” songs and we acted it out. Finally, we played another acting out game, pretending that we ate different food to review spaghetti, carrot, onion, pizza, hamburger, tomato, potato, ice-cream and chocolate cake.

On Tuesday we first listened to The very hungry carterpillar and we reviewed food words. Then we acted out the song Five Little Monkeys

Tuesday 3rd November

After Halloweenwe came back to normal with a still funny classAfter our greetings and gameswe played with Jaime because it washis birthdayThenwe started a new topicfoodWe are trying to learn different foods such as hamburger, pizza, tomatopotatospaghetticarrot, cake, ice-cream and so onAfter playing with the flashcardswe used the computer to sing two songs and watch a PeppaPig video where she goes to the supermarketIt was great fun!

Friday 6th November

On Friday we kept on with our foodie classesBefore starting with thatwe played the crazy telephoneacted out, and sang some chantsto review the “I like / I don’t like” structureThenwith the flashcards we reviewed the vocabulary and we played some games with themIt’s funny to prank the teacherFinallywe sang different songssuch as “do you like?”, “five little monkeys” and “Humpty Dumpty”.

Tuesday 27th October
Halloween!  We’ve had a spooky week in English. On Tuesday, we worked around this topic the whole class. The teacher began showing us  the characters and then we played an acting out game. After making our classmates laugh, we sang some Halloween songs and danced some funny videos, like the skeleton dance.

Friday 30th October  

To finish our creepy week, we played some Halloween style games. Then, after reviewing the characters we completed a worksheet, colouring different scary characters: mummy, werewolf, Frankenstein, vampire, Jack O’Lantern, spider...it wasn’t that terrible. And we received some Halloween candies after playing trick or treat. Great!

Tuesday 6th  October

We began our English week playing games. We love playing, and it is hard for us to start this routine of having class just after lunch! So we need to keep our body moving. We moved, touched things, learnt about the five senses (it is funny because we love smelling things) and we also had time to say a thing we like and don’t like. When we answer correctly a few times, the teacher draws something on our hands, so we feel like answering every time. That’s the proper attitude!

Friday 9th October

On Friday we started focusing on a topic: fruit. It looks like an easy thing to learn, but the pronunciation of some words is quite difficult! Try to say strawberry. See? Well, we are 4 years old, so you can make an idea. After some speaking and easy games, we watched a video with a song about fruits and we sang it. Apple, banana, orange, grape / watermelon, strawberry, pear, mango. Finally, we watched a related video with Peppa Pig and her friends doing fruity smoothies.

Thursday 21st May

Thursday was great because we played some new games. In one of them we had to sit down in circle and with the eyes closed repeat some indications until one of us made a mistake, and then we had to run after him. It was quite funny! We also played a game in two groups very similar to the “blind chick”, but with English words instead of numbers. We loved this game. At the end of the class we watched two Peppa Pig videos related to transport and holidays and we commented it.

 Tuesday 19th May

On Tuesday we reviewed 25 vocabulary words we have learned  this year with a worksheet. Before the worksheet we played a couple of games, but we were eager to sit down and work so we did it. We practised the pronunciation of the difficult words and after colouring and playing a pointing game we sang a spring song.

Thursday 14th May 

On Thursday the teacher had prepared a worksheet with around 20 different drawings to identify and colour. It was useful to review the vocabulary. When we finished we wanted some movement, so we played the chairs game and a question/answer game.

Tuesday 12th May 

Tuesday was hot and sunny so we didn’t feel like working hard. We wanted to play, sing and dance. We played different games: the odd word, the chairs, Simon says, sit down when you hear…
After the games we were ready to sing and dance: the hula pokey, walking in the jungle, do you like?, wag your tail and yes I can! When the class finished we were exhausted!

Thursday 7th May
Thursday was a special day and in English class was special too. We spent the whole hour playing new games: one about stand up and sit down with the vocabulary, another with action verbs, rings and chairs, and a third one with music. It was a great way to review vocabulary! Finally we listened to the Hula Pokey and tried to dance it. Hands, feet, tummy and head in and out. Hilarious!

Tuesday 5th May 

On Tuesday we focused on the Grammar review and the Speaking. First we completed some activities from a worksheet which the teacher had brought. The activities were related to “definitions”, “comparatives and superlatives”, “present perfect/past simple” and “in, on, at”. After doing and correcting them, we kept on practising the Speaking part, answering questions about ourselves in turns of one and a half minutes speaking.

Thursday 30th April 

On Thursday, we started the class with our daily routines and songs, so we played games and moved our bodies while we were speaking English. After that we used the whiteboard to play two interactive games to review the vocabulary. One of them was a rocket which we had to take to the moon answering questions, we loved it! Finally, we listened and sang the song “Open,Shut Them” to learn some adjectives.


Tuesday 28th April 

On Tuesday, we finished with the means of transport topic. Before that, we started with our routines and when we had moved, played and sang, we completed a worksheet. In the worksheet we had to circle or colour the different means of transport. To finish the class, we acted out pretending to be different transport and the classmates had to say which one. It was funny!

Thursday 16th April

On Thursday, we continued with our new topic. As we don’t use these words daily, it’s easy for us to forget them the first days! So, after our daily songs and games, we reviewed the vocabulary and, using the blackboard and then the computer, we played a few games (drawing, saying the missing word…). Finally, we watched two videos and we said the mean of transport that we used to go to the school. Some of us use the feet, that’s also a mean of transport!

Tuesday 14th April

We started a new topic on Tuesday: means of transport! After our daily songs and games, the teacher introduced us the new vocabulary with flashcards: car, motorbike, train, bus, plane and bicycle and we played some games with them. We acted out pretending to be those vehicles and finally, we watched some videos with songs, like “we all go travelling by” which was our favourite

Thursday 9th April 

On Thursday and after our daily routines (singing and moving), we played a great game on the whiteboard. In two groups, we had to spin a wheel, which said a topic (numbers, animals, colours, clothes), and we had to answer the question that the teacher read for us. We could get from 1 to 5 points. It was exciting and we draw at the end of the class

Tuesday 7th April

On Tuesday we came back to the school and also to our English classes. But that’s great news for us! We started very lightly, playing some games and singing some songs to review the vocabulary we learnt during the last months. We remembered it quite good! The teacher was very happy with us and promised to play a game on Thursday.

Thursday 12th March

 On Thursday we began with a new topic in our vocabulary: clothes. Before that we sang the usual songs and we played the “odd word game” that we love. Then we started speaking about the clothes we wore and didn’t wear that day. It was a sunny and hot day! So we didn’t wear hat, scarf or jacket. But we wore t-shirt, shoes and socks. We learnt the “put on” structure and we put on our imaginary hats or jackets. We listened to two songs about the clothes and then we watched a Peppa Pig video about clothes.

Tuesday 17th March 

On Tuesday we continued with our new topic: clothes. Before starting with it, we sang our daily songs and we played the odd word game and Simon says. We also played the movement game and acted out emotions. When we finished this, we spoke about the clothes. The teacher pointed different clothes and we had to say the names. We did it in chains too, saying two or three consecutive words. After that, we said the words with the colour (blue shoes, yellow t-shirt). Finally, we sang a couple of songs related to clothes.

Tuesday 10th March 

Today we had class with the 45years old. We started the class asking each others how are you? and how do you feel. After that we spent the class singing songs all together and playing games like Simon says. It was fun to be all together!

Thursday 5th March

On Thursday, we started the class with our songs and a little bit of movement. We have been reviewing vocabulary the last two weeks throughout games and now we can say we remember all of them! Today, to finish with the Action Verbs we completed a worksheet with different people doing the actions we know: run, jump, fly, swim, spin, sing, dance...one by one, the teacher said the actions we had to circle or colour. We love these activities!

 TUESDAY 3rd March

Tuesday was an incredible day to sing and run. We even had to stop the class after 25 minutes to drink water, because we were sweating and very thirsty. At first, we sing the daily songs and we played the game in which we are teachers and have to say the real teacher what to do: touch the door, fly, be a monkey and so on. After that, he was mute and pointed different objects and we had to say the word. Then, it was time to sing some songs, related to action verbs. We had to hop, run, skip, climb, dance…after two songs we were exhausted! We had a water pause and we continued with other songs about the body parts, and the last 5 minutes we used them to relax with a Pirate game (school supplies).

Thursday 26th February 

On Thursday and after our routines, we played “The odd one” again. After that, the teacher decided that we all could be teachers. We sat down on the chairs, and he stood up on the floor. Then, in order, we had to give him indications about what to do. We made him jump, fly, run, touch things, eat imaginary food, we played with his feelings...it was funny! After that, we played the pirate game again, this time using different topics: farm animals (because next day we were going to the farm!) and school supplies. And guess what: this time we beat the pirate!

Tuesday 24th February 

We started with our routines of singing and moving on Tuesday, but we quickly moved to the games, because this time we had a fantastic one we love: the odd one. We move around in circles while the teacher says different vocabulary from a topic. When he says the odd one (example: strawberry in the animals topic) we have to sit down quickly, because the last one to sit is disqualified. After that, we used the interactive whiteboard to play a game. We had to recover a treasure in our ships, avoiding the pirates. How? Answering questions related to vocabulary.  On Tuesday it was about body parts, and there were some listening questions too. We did it well, but we weren’t lucky enough to recover the treasure! 

Thursday 19th February 

On Thursday the teacher brought us a surprise: puppets! There were many different animals and we had conversations with them. The animals were very funny, and they asked us questions such as: what’s the weather like?, do you like?, can you?, how do you feel?, have you got? and how many? We also sang songs and moved with them. When we finished our conversation with the animals, it was time to continue with our new vocabularies: classroom objects and action verbs. First we remember the classroom objects with the flashcards, and now we really know them well! Then, we watched another video with action verbs: clap, stomp, fly, climb, run, swim, sing, dance and walk. We tried to sing the song and we danced it, of course!


Tuesday 17th February 

On Tuesday we started with our routine: singing a couple of songs, playing a couple of games (this time, “Simon says” and “The chairs” with vocabulary words). The games are good to work on our listening skills and to review the vocabulary. After that, we watched a new video with a song about movements. It was hilarious! There were different animals doing different actions: fly, hop, dance, walk, etc. We also tried to learn the structure “can/can’t”, saying what the animals could or couldn’t do. Finally, we sang and dance this song, repeating actions and movements. 

Thursday 14th February 

On Thursday we started the class singing some songs that we had not sung in a long time, like the “emotions song” or the “the wheels on the bus song”. Then, we reviewed the classroom objects with the “what’s this?” song: we love it! After that, we used the flashcards to play a game and we played another game in which we had to stand up and touch/take different classroom objects. As we have been working hard on this lately, we watched a five minutes Peppa Pig chapter, the one about Mommy Pig’s birthday. Finally, we played the English hide and seek. It was great!

Tuesday 11th February 

We started our Tuesday singing the “Good afternoon song” and the “Days of the week song”, and we also spoke about the weather. Then, the teacher asked us some questions about the classroom objects, but he realised that we didn’t remember them very well, so he took the flashcards and we started reviewing the vocabulary. We also played a couple of games: one where we had to repeat and another where we had to say the odd one. When we refreshed the vocabulary, we completed a worksheet which the teacher had brought. In this activity, we had to circle the pictures that the teacher said. There were many classroom objects and we could work on them. Finally, we had to colour three of them, our favourite objects. When we finished, the class was over too!

Thursday 5th February

On Thursday, we continued with the classroom objefcts. We began the class singing the welcome songs and speaking about the weather, our feelings and so on. Then, we used the whiteboard to watch a presentation. There were many different objects: pencil, pen, book, notebook, rubber, sharpener, chair, table, blackboard and scissors. We repeated the vocabulary and then we played some games, trying to repeat the vocabulary slowly and fast; and then anothe game in which we had to notice the odd one. It was very funny! After that, we identified some objects in the classroom, looking for books, pencils, pens, etc. and counting them. Finally, we watched a video about a Pumpkin family who told us a story about classroom objects. We loved this!

Tuesday 2nd February 

We started a new topic on Tuesday, but first, we played some games! We are learning new games like “Hot or cold” and “Hide and seek” so we played that and “Simon says”. These games are great to start the class in a good mood. After that, we learnt the preposition “under” and we had to place ourselves in different positions: under the table, under the chair, under the book, and so on. Finally, we tried to learn some classroom objects, but we didn’t have much time for this, so we will continue next days. However, we remember “window” and “door”. We hope next day we can continue learning with games!

Thursday 29th Jan

Thursday was fantastic, we finished the class sweating! We played many games where we had to jump, run, dance and do many actions which made us feel tired! But we had fun. We played “Simon says”, we had never played this game before and it was funny. Sofía won! We also played the chairs game with songs and vocabulary, and this time the winner was Noelia. Then we sat down for a couple of minutes to relax, breathe, and take energies for the next game. Meanwhile, we reviewed the emotions being actors. And after that, the teacher showed us a Peppa Pig video where Peppa and Joe played “hide and seek”. We know that game in Spanish! So when we saw the video, we played the “English hide and seek” with the teacher. He said “one, two, three. Hide and seek” and we had to stop running. It was hilarious. But the class finished and we had to say goodbye. Perhaps, we’ll play some other day!


Tuesday  27th Jan

Tuesday was great, the weather was sunny, we felt comfortable in the class and we had fun in English. We started stretching out with the movements game, and tried a new acting game with the teacher. It worked great! Most of us received a star just with this. We had to chain different movements like “jump, run, hop and touch your nose”. And if we spoke, we would be eliminated! After this fun, we reviewed the emotions and feelings with a video and a song, because later we had to do a worksheet. We liked the worksheet a lot because there were different hilarious faces. We had to number from 1 to 6 (we don’t know how to write the other numbers yet!) and colour with a particular colour the rest. It was a bit confusing but we finally did it

Thursday 22nd Jan

On Thursday, we came with a lot of energy because the weather was very cold, and we felt happy inside the classroom. Lucky us! Besides, we played a game and sang some songs before starting with the hard part of the class. The teacher had prepared us a video in which Peppa Pig was sick. Last week most of us were like Peppa! We feel very happy when we understand what the characters say in English, and we also repeat their conversations. It’s great! Then, the teacher had brought some flashcards with different faces showing the emotions we are trying to learn. Some of them were hilarious. We discovered new words such as “hungry” or “thirsty”. Finally we played a role play game where we had to represent a feeling or emotion and our classmates had to guess it.

Tuesday 20th Jan

We are finally recovering from our illness! It is good to be back to the English classes because we have so much fun! On Tuesday, we started as usual with our songs, movements and different games to remember the vocabulary and different routines. Then, we finished the worksheet we had to finish from last week. It was about the family members, we are already experts on this topic, so it was easy for us. Then, we watched a couple of videos about emotions and feelings. We are trying to learn “happy”, “sad”, “scared”, “angry”, “surprised”, “hot”, “cold”, “bored” and “excited”. We played a role playing game with the teacher and finally, we sang a song about emotions!

Thursday 14th Jan 

On Thursday we had a new student. Her name is Ieva, and she had fun in class! At the beginning of the class, we showed her some of the songs we sing, “Good afternoon”, “days of the week”, “hello girls and boys”, and “if you’re happy...”. Then we played the movements game and reviewed some of the food vocabulary, because we couldn’t remember some of the words! Luckily, we have plastic food in the class to play with and identify them in English. After that, the teacher had prepared a worksheet to review the family. We had to match different family members and then colour them. We didn’t have time to finish the worksheet, but we will finish it next day!

Tuesday 13th January

Happy New Year! Just to half of the class, because the other half was ill! We hope they get better soon. We could participate a lot during this class. First, we started singing the “Good afternoon song” and the “Days of the week  song”. Then, we played our movements game in which we run, jump, turn around, hop, do an animal, touch our body, sleep, dance, clap our hands and stamp our feet. After that, we reviewed the vocabulary from the 1st term. Finally, we did a colouring worksheet with the parts of the body. It was good!

Thursday 11th December

As the teacher is very happy with us, he gave us a surprise on Thursday. First, after singing “Happy Birthday” to Noelia, we sang the “Good Afternoon” song and we played the movements game. When we finish this active part of the class, we received a great surprise: a Peppa Pig drawing! We had Peppa, her brother, her father and her mother on it. We had to colour the bodies the way the teacher said, but then we could colour the faces however we wanted. When the class finished, we sat down in a circle and song a couple of songs again. The good news is that we could keep the drawings for us!

Tuesday 9th December 

On Tuesday, after our movements game, we reviewed the body parts with a fabulous worksheet about a Dragon! The teacher said the part of the body and the colour and we had to associate and do the job. At the end of the class we self-assessed with stars, but as we all were excellent, it was quite good! Finally, we played a new game with chairs. The teacher said vocabulary about one topic and when he said an odd word, we had to sit down very quickly. But there was always one chair less! The final winner was Sofía, but all the class did it very good!

Thursday 4th December

On Thursday, we played our movements game and we reviewed the family very quickly by saying the name of the family member the teacher asked us to say. Then, he had prepared an activity that we always love. The worksheets with the vocabulary that we have to colour the way he says. This time, it was about food and there were pictures of an ice-cream, spaghetti, chocolate cake, carrot, pizza, tomato, orange juice and fish. We coloured the worksheet following the indications and finally, we played a game in which we had to say the word the teacher pointed. The fastest received a star, but we all received one at the end of the class for our good work!

Tuesday 2nd December

On Tuesday, we played our movements game but this time saying just body things. We are very good at recognising body parts, so we touched our face, eyes, nose, mouth, head, ears, bottom, tummy, arms, legs, hands, fingers, feet and toes. Well, not the toes! The teacher tried to lie to us saying a part of the body and touching a different one, but we didn’t fail this!

After that, we continued working on the immediate family: father, mother, brother and sister. We learnt that we say father and mother, but when we speak to them we say daddy and mommy. We watched a Peppa Pig video where Peppa and his family went to visit Grandma and Grandpa pig. We also learnt those two words. It was a good video because grandpa pig had a garden where he grew different vegetables which George didn’t like. The teacher stopped the video lots of times to make us say the words, and when the characters on the video said it, we felt very proud!

Finally, we sang a family song using our fingers. It was easy and funny!

Thursday 27th November

On Thursday, we started with the movements game. In that game we: run, jump, hop, move our body, sleep, etc.  After that, we did an activity that the teacher had prepared for us. It was a worksheet with seven fruits (apple, pear, strawberry, orange, watermelon, banana and pineapple) and we had to identify them and colour the way the teacher told us.  We love these activities! After that, we had some spare minutes until the end of the class, so we learnt the structure “my father is…” and “my mother is…” 

Tuesday 25th November

On Tuesday, we started a new topic: body parts. Our movement game was ideal to begin with this topic, so we played a lot of time that day! We touched our face parts, moved our arms, legs, fingers, we crawled like animals and we pointed each other’s body parts. We saw a video where a boy danced and said the body parts he moved, and we moved with him. Finally, we created our own monsters! In the blackboard, the teacher said a body part, a colour and a number, and we had to draw it. For instance, we drew a monster with two yellow heads, seven green eyes, a big red nose, three blue mouths and eight orange legs. It was amazing!


Thursday 20th November 

On Thursday, the teacher had prepared a worksheet for us to review the farm animals from the beginning. We did it after our movements game. We had seven animals: dog, cat, rabbit, sheep, horse, pig and cow. He said us the name of the animal and the colour (or colours) we had to use to colour it. When we finished the activity we had to write the numbers from 1 to 7 next to the animal he said. It was hilarious, because some of us didn't know how to make the 6 and the 7! 

Tuesday 18th November

We continued talking about food on Tuesday. These classes makes us really hungry! However, before starting with the food, we did some exercise. We jumped, ran, moved our body parts, turned around, pretended to be animals and touched things with different colours. After that, we tried to distinguish healthy food (like carrots, tomato, soup and the fruits) from the junk food (hamburgers, hot dogs, ice creams or cakes). We also played a game where had to say two different foods and say if they could mix properly (yummy / I like) or it was disgusting (yucky / I don't like). We invented some crazy things like “strawberry hamburger”, but we discovered some tasty ones like “apple cake”.

See how our 4 years old work!

 Thursday 13th November

We began the class with our movements game on Thursday. This time it was different, because we became teachers! Rachel and Sofia were the helpers who gave the orders, like “run”, “jump”, “touch your…” or “hop”. It was very funny, because the teacher was a student too!
After that, we reviewed the food we had seen on Tuesday with a Peppa Pig video, in which they go to the supermarket and complete the shopping list. As usual, the teacher stopped the video and we had to identify the food. It was very good!
When we finish, we made an activity in a paper for the first time in English! To review the numbers and the colour, we completed a worksheet. We had the numbers from 1 to 10 and the teacher said “colour the number… in…” For instance, we coloured the number 3 pink, or the 1 red. It was so great, that the teacher draw all of us a star! We are a great group, we love learning and working ;-)

Tuesday 11th November

On Tuesday, we finished with the fruits. We are now very good at expressing the fruits we like (apples, watermelons and bananas are our favourites) and the fruits we don’t like. We also learnt some new fruits like strawberries, pears and grapes. But we also like eating other things, so we started a new topic. This time we are learning different food: cheese, potato, pizza, tomato, pasta, ice cream, cake and crisps. We love sweets, but that food is not healthy, so we sang a very educative song: “Healthy food will make you smile” and we reviewed the vocabulary with that. When we finished the class, we were hungry again!

Tuesday 04th November

Tuesday was the English Day! So we came to the class with a lot of English energy. We played the movement game, in which we jump, run, crawl, turn around, sleep, wake up, stand up, sit down, touch different parts of the body...it’s very active!
Later, we learn some fruits: apple, pear, orange, strawberry, peach, watermelon and pinneaple. And some vegetables too: carrot, potato and tomato. We played with the flashcards and sang a song with the fruits. And we also watched a video in which a train showed us the fruits and we repeated the words.    

Thursday, 6th November

On Thursday we continued working with the fruits. But first, we played the movement game and we also remembered the numbers. This new game was funny: the teacher said a number and we had to hit the table with our hands the number of times that he said. We love hitting things with permission!
After that, we watched a Peppa Pig video where they drink lots of smoothies with different fruits and vegetables: oranges, carrots, apples, watermelons and many others. We commented the video, saying the fruits that we knew, and we also played a game with the video! The teacher pointed a fruit and said the name of it: if it was true, we repeated the fruit, and if it was false we had to clap our hands.
After that, we understand the “I like” structure and we said a fruit that we like. They are yummy!  And finally, we sang a very funny food song, where they mixed some food, like pizza and popcorn. Puag! That is yucky!!

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