Wednesday 17th May

Today was game & review day. In order to go over everything we learned lately, we played a few fun games. First we finished a round of Bingo that we left hanging last week and the winners got some cool balloons. Then we played a game of true or false; I drew a chalk line on the floor and one side was true and the other false, and they had to jump from one side to the other depending on the sentence I said. The winners and everyone else got balloons too! Then we watched a bit more of the movie :)

Monday 9th May

Today we reviewed the five senses doing an exercise from the Activity book. First they had to write the correct senses, matching the body parts involved, and then they had to draw a picture of something you can do with each one; they all explained their drawing maintaining the structure "I can... with my...". Then, working in pairs, they asked each other "What can you smell/etc.?" and had to answer.
Then we played a little bingo with the senses, but the game will be continued next monday!

Wednesday 11th May 

Today we learned some of Trevor's values, in this case, to look after pets. First I introduced them to my pet: Kiko the ferret. They loved him! And his birthday is comming up! We learned some new actions involved in caring for our pets (brush, feed, walk, wash) and used them in sentences with -ing. Then they mimed them in turns and the rest had to guess the action with the correct use of the structure "She/he is ...-ing his/her pet". Then we watched a bit more of the movie :)

Wednesday 4th May

Today we saw some of Marie's Science, the five senses! First we introduced all 5 senses and the parts with which we use them, for example, "I taste with my mouth"; then, using a diagram from the Pupil's book, we used the body parts and senses in a sentence, such us "I see a rainbow with my eyes".  We then played "True or false", I would say an untrue sentence and they'd have to correct it ("I hear the rainbow with my hands", "False. Because..."). And the last part of the exercise was for them to say something nonsensical and someone else would correct it. They all did a great job! To wrap up, a few more minutes of the movie :)

Monday 18th April

Today we start reviewing the pets and learn 3 new opposites: long-short, big-small, clean-dirty. We do a Listen and point exercise with Maskman, Marie and Monty, and use the same image to answer questions like “Who has the long pencil?” or “Are the chairs small?”, to make sure it’s all understood. After that, they each have to find an object in the classroom (big, dirty, etc.) and they have to put them around the class in places like “In the paper bin”, “Next to the teacher’s desk” or “Under the blackboard”, making sure we remember where they are! Then they have to follow instructions such as “Run to the small object” or “Jump to the clean object”.

Wednesday 20th April

Today we start going over all the opposites we know and with an exercise from the Activity book. First they have to choose the right adjective to define 6 pictures of pets, they do individual work and then we share and explain where there have been mistakes.

The second part of the exercise is more complicated; there is a maze of pictures of animals and Monty is going to do 2 routes, one blue and one red. Listening to the CD the have to color the correct pictures that Monty is following. After they are done, we comment. The rest of the class is spent analyzing both routes and making sure they ALL understand all the opposites.

Monday 11th April

Today we continued learning about pets! It’s time to sing! All the pets of the Star family and their friends are going to a Pet show day, soy the chant about it and us, with them! First we focuse on the lyrics, wich are about adjectives they all give to their pets, like beautiful or old; they realise the difference between “it’s” and “they’re”, and start learning plurals. When they are ready, the singing starts! After a few goes, they chant without the music! To wrap up, we started a new movie! Yay! It’s “Honey, I’ve shrunk the kids”, we’re gonna have some fun!

Wednesday 13th April

More pets! Today we are doing an exercise from the Activity book. First they need to color 4 pets anyway they want; then, working in pairs, the had to colour a second set of pets like their partner, using questions such as “What color is your fish?”. They all did a great job!

After that, they did a matching exercise to learn how some plurals are not what they expected, like mice and fish. Then they all drew an animal they didn’t know in english, so we could all learn them! To finish, we continued the new movie for a few minutes :)

Wednesday 30th March

We're back from Easter! We start the class explaining what they all did on Easter. The exam will be on monday because we want Luis to be present, so we do a final review; we use the Story pictograms from units 1 to 4 to go over everything we learned so far! They read them in turns and translate, to make sure everything is understood. They have all weekend to study and we'll see each other on monday! ;)

Monday 7Th March

Today we did a little test to check if all the family relations were clear, and then, to make sure it sticks, we played game in which they each were a member of the family and had to find their sister, grandmother, husband, etc. Then, we learned 3 pairs od opposite adjectives, old and young, beautiful and ugly, happy and sad. To learn them well, in turns, they had to mimic each adjective and, whoever guessed right, would mimic another one.

 Wednesday  9TH March

Today we went over the new adjectives and listened to Monty teaching phonics, so we pronounce properly the sound "a", as in happy o sad. Then we learned a really fun song about the Star family, and sang it karaoke version! Finally, Stella would match a family member with an adjective, and they had to say if it was correct, or not.

Monday 29th February

Today we started a new unit... Family! We learned some new words about relatives and, with Stella's help, we practiced them doing some listening; after that, using the flashcards, we kept practicing all the new vocabulary.

Wednesday 2nd March

Today we reviewed all the family vocabulary, so the kids that didn't come on monday could catch up. They wrote everything on their notebooks with the translation, so they can study, and then we kept practicing with the flashcards, for these are difficult new words and concepts. 

Monday 15th February 

This week we did Saint Valantine's! De learned some vocabulary related with the day of love! They wrote and drew the new words on their notebooks to learn the spelling and then they split into two teams, and we played a board game from the book, in which they had to answer correctly questions about what they learned to move on. 

Wednesday 17th February 

More Valantine's day! We went over the new vocabulary by playing Pictionary; someone drew a Valantine's day picture and whoever guessed correctly, would draw the next one, and so on. To wrap up, we learned a fun chant about Cupid :)

Wednesday 10th February 

Today we had a little exam! They all sat apart, to resist the temptation of cheating, and did an exercise from the Activity book; listening to the CD, they had to correctly identify if Ben the monkey was in, on, under or next to different objects. They did a wonderful job so they all got a sticker! After the test, we did a game of 7 differences from the Activity book, and played "Pretty please" to make sure the concepts stick.

Monday 1st February 

Today, we started Unit 3! First we learned some new vocabulary with the help of the flashcards, we learned all the Star family's favorit toys. After familiarising themselves with the new words, we practiced asking and answering questions about a drawing in the book, and then we listened to the CD and repeated what they said. Lastly, we all said what our favorite toy was.

Wednesday3rd February 

Today, more new concepts: in, on, under and next to. We practiced them using the new flashcards from Monday; we did a "Listen and do the action" exercise a few times and then a "Listen and repeat" exercise, both to fix the new vocabulary. Next Monday, we will have a little test about what we learned this week, to make sure it's clear :)

Monday 25th January

 Today, in order to review the last contents, we divided into two teams and played tic-tac-toe; the trick was that, to place the X or the O, first they had to answer a question correctly, otherwise the other team could take that space! We had lots of fun, reviewed everything was a tie!

Wednesday 27th January  

Today we did some theater. We listened a couple of times to a story about the 3 toys from the Star family, which came to life and played "teacher and pupils". Then, they divided into three teams and each team was a character; after rehearsing for a little bit, they performed the story for me, and they were so good, they all got a star! 

Monday 18th January 2016

Today we played some games to keep practicing the use of he/she; using the flashcards, they had to guess the member of the Star family seeing only their feet and legs! Then we did a similar exercise from the book and they practiced anwering the question "Is this....? Yes/No, he/she is...."

Wednesday 20th January 2016

Today we learned the questions "What color is...?" and "Which number is...?", to practice, we did an exercise from the Activity book. They had a puzzle with numbers to colour, and they had to listen to the CD to know what colour was each number; they colored the puzzle and we practiced a bit with the questions.

Monday 11th January 

We are back from the Christmas break and the kids have some presents! One bubble maker for each, for being such good students :) First we make some bubbles, to break the ice, and then we take the opportunity to learn related vocabulary, like bubbles, water, soap, to make, to blow and to mix; we play a questions game to make sure they really learn it.

Wednesday 13th January 

Today, after going over what we learned on wednesday, is time to meet two new friends of the Star children! They are going to help us learn the difference between he and she. First we listen to them saying their names and ages, and they repeat out loud, so they memorize them; then we do an "Is he/she...? No/yes, she/he is..." exercise to practice. We also do 2 fun exercises from the Activity book, so by the end of the class they 

Wednesday 9th December

Christmas is comming! Today we started learning some Christmas vocabulary. First, we brain-stormed, to see how many words they knew related with the holiday; then they learned some new ones and wrote them in their notebooks. We did some games to make sure they remember everything and, finally, we watched a few more minutes of Home Alone. It happens to be Christmas time in the movie too, so we could go over all the vocabulary we learned while watching. 

Monday 30th November

Today we continued with the school things; first, we learned a new chant and sang it together, in turns and mixing it up. Then we did a 'listen and correct' exercise using colours, numbers and school vocabulary, and we practiced in turns for the rest of the class. To finish, we watched another five minutes of 'Home Alone'.

Wednesday 2nd December

Today we went over everything we learned so far. First, we reviewed all the flashcards (pictures and words) and then we played a super Memory-like game; I placed all the flashcards facing down in the floor and they had to find the matching picture and word, meanwhile going over the flashcards they uncovered, once again.

Monday 23rd November 
Today we finished the first unit from the book! We did a quick review of everything we learned so far, colors, numbers, actions, etc. At the en of each unit, Trevor the troll teaches us about values, in this case, making friends; we listened to a story about a kid who was sad because he had no one to play with, but a girl went to talk to him and they ended up making even another friend so they were 3 to play! We acted it out, first only reading and then in a little play. We learned how to ask someone about their mood and how to answer if asked. To wrap up, 5 more minutes of Home Alone :)

 Wednesday 25th November

First day on Unit 2! We learned some school vocabulary and it's spelling. There was a drawing of a classroom in the book that we usted to do some exercises; listening to the CD, we had to point at the objects that were mentioned, and say what colour they were. Then, with a photocopy from the activity book, they had to colour classroom objects in the colour the CD said. After colouring, they each drew a table with two objects on it, and labeled them. To finish the lesson, we watched another few minutes of Home Alone.

Also, today we started a contest: everytime someone speaks in spanish during the class (some "spanglish" is allowed, if necessary), he or she will get a point. The last day of school before Christmas, the three pupils with the fewest points will get a special price! Good luck guys! 

Monday 16th November 

Today, we listened to a short story about Marie, Maskman and Monty and then we did some role playing with it. First the boys were Maskman and the girls Marie, and then we mixed things up. After that, we listened to a few phrases from the story and had to identify who said them and when. Then we played a game of colours; using the colour flashcards they had to match the image with the word, like in Memory. To finish up, we watched 5 more minutes of Home Alone :)

Wednesday 18th November 

More colors! Today's class was about art. We learned about mixes and how to get one colour mixing two; they wrote it down in their notebooks and then we played with the word flashcards; everyone had a different colour and the mixes had to find each other. Then we played some Memory again, since the other day was so mucho fun and some kids missed it.

Wednesday 11th November 

 Black to the Star family! First we sang the rainbow song again, and then, thanks to the Star family, we learned how to ask someone their age, how to ask a third person (boy or girl) and how to answer when asked, speaking and writing! To finish, as always, we watched a bit of Home Alone... It's getting interesting! 

Wednesday 4th November

Today, firstly, we all shared how we spent our Halloween and what our costume was. Then we learned a cool song about colors and rainbows  and sang it karaoke style! After singing, we coloured with a fun exercise from the book. We all had a nice drawing with hidden numbers and listening to the CD, we had to find the numbers and fill them in the colour indicated. We also learned what spots and stripes are, and their spelling, and filled two of the numbers using them and took the beautiful drawing home. To wrap up, we watched another bit of Home Alone :)

Monday 26th October

This week we did Halloween! Also, today was English day! Using flashcards, we learned some Halloween related vocabulary: pumpkin, witch, ghost, etc., trying to pay attention to the spelling. Then we did a little test, to fill in the names on the flashcards… It was a bit difficult so we helped each other by spelling the words.

Wednesday 28th October

More Halloween! Today we did a sort of gymkhana using the Halloween flashcards. To complete each stage they had to do one of the actions we learned so far! Everyone won, and the price was a really cool Halloween sticker with led lights :)
Then we painted our faces and watched another fragment of Home Alone.

Monday 19th October

Today we went over last week actions and remembered really well! We added some more so we could play fun games to learn them all. They paired up and spelled them to each other so they would learn how to write them. Because we didn’t have the CD, we had to improvise a bit… and we sang last day’s song about the numbers!

 Wednesday 21st October

Today was colour day! We remembered some colors and learned a few more. We went over everything we learned so far. Picking actions out of a box, they had to read them, do them and say what color it was written on. Then we spelled the colors reading them from the blackboard and, to wrap up, we started the first minutes of a really cool movie...Home alone!

Wednesday 14th October

Today we got the new book! After taking a look, we went over the names of the Star family playing some fun games. We learned some actions and role played doing them. We also learned a cool song to review the numbers! We sang it in groups and divided in teams! To finish up, we saw the spelling of everything we learned and took the book home to name and wrap them :)

 Thank you very much!! Enjoy your holidays!!

Wednesday 20th

On Wednesday it was time to start a new unit, this time related to the parts of the house: bedroom, bathroom, hall, living room, dining room and kitchen. We tried to learn the grammar with different listening activities and the flashcards. We also played an acting out game with the structure ‘what’s she/he doing?’ Finally, we listened to the story and copied the vocabulary in our notebooks.

Monday 18th May
On Monday we continued practising with the book the Present Continuous, with different speaking activities. We also sang the song of the unit and listened and repeated the story. At the end of the class, it was time to play a role game with the vocabulary we had learnt. Good fun!

Wednesday 12th May 

We started Wednesday playing a Present continuous game: what’s the teacher doing? We answered things like “he is jumping, he is running, he is dancing…”. Then we were the ones who did the actions, we loved it! After that we listened to the song “I’m walking in my favourite shoes” and sang it. Then, we listened to the story of this unit and answered some questions about it. Finally, we watched a Mr.Bean video which dealt with the Present continuous.

Monday 11th May 

On Monday we began the class going one by one to the blackboard to write the words which the teacher said. After that we took the notebooks to make a dictation and then the book to start a new topic: Present continuous. We listened to two activities and repeated them. After that we learnt the “I am, you are... jumping, swimming, singing...” Finally, we sang the chant and acted out different means of transport.

Wednesday 5th May 

Wednesday was a special day because we had had games before the English class, so we felt really excited and not in the mood to open a book. For that reason, we played another “Wheel Game” in the whiteboard in three groups. After that game we played a spelling one also in groups. The bad news is that we have homework again!

Monday 4th May

On Monday we finally opened the book to continue with our “Fun Time” unit. We worked really well because we had time to listen to the story and act it out; sing the song of the unit (and dance it) and do some speaking activities using the can/can’t structure. For that reason, at the end of the class we watched the video “can an elephant jump?” and sang it.

Wednesday 29th April 

On Wednesday we continued with the Writing activities, this time using the whiteboard. There were 3 groups and we used a special keyboard in the board that we had to touch to make the words which the teacher said. Everything with computers looks funnier to us, so we had a great time in the class. At the end there was a draw between two of the groups, but we all learnt a lot.

Monday 27th April 

On Monday the teacher decided that we had to play a Writing game, because our oral and listening skills are improving great, but the Writing part is still improvable. There were word flashcards all around the blackboard and we used the notebooks. The teacher dictated 5 words and we had to write them properly. Then, he corrected the words and gave us points in relation to the spelling. We repeated it many times, increasing the difficulty and even making sentences. At the end of the class, Gonzalo was the winner. It turns out that he's great at writing. We just have to pay attention!

Wednesday 15th April

On Wednesday we came back to normal classes and we started again with the book. We also began a new unit called “Fun Time” with new vocabulary too. We learnt some activities we can do in our free time, like playing a sport or a instrument, swimming and so on. We played with the flashcards, we also played a Simon Says game with these words and we listened to the activities in the book. We also had time to start with the “can/can’t” use. Finally, we copied the new vocabulary on our notebooks.

Monday 13th April

Monday was a special day because we celebrated the Book Day at the school. We were very excited about it, so we used that mood to learn English in a different way. The teacher proposed us to play a game in the whiteboard. We divided the class in 4 groups and we played “Spin The Wheel”, a game where we (obviously) spin a wheel and it says a topic (clothes, action verbs, animals, adjectives…) and we have to choose the correct option. We had a fantastic time doing this. At the end of the class we also had time to sing a song and finally watch a Mr. Bean funny short clip.

Wednesday 8th April

On Wednesday we came back to our English classes. However, we started them in a fantastic way! We played a game divided in two groups. We had a dice to roll and depending on the number, we had to do an activity (one versus one): writing a word in the blackboard, Pictionary, the bomb or hangman. It was funny and very entertaining.

Wednesday 18th March

On Wednesday we also worked hard. We started the class reviewing the vocabulary about clothes. We played a few minutes with the flashcards and then we used to book to listen to the story. After listening, we repeated and then read on our own. It was good to hear us reading in English! Then, we copied the words on our notebook and meanwhile, we were doing a speaking activity with “have got” in affirmative, negative and questions. Finally, we watched a video with a song called “put on your shoes” and we sang it.

Monday 16th March

On Monday we started a new unit, the number 8. It is related to the clothes. We learnt new words and we added adjectives to them, so now we know how to say “red trousers” or “black shoes” in the correct order. We played a flashcards game and we did a speaking activity: we had to say one thing we have got and one thing we haven’t got. After that, we used the book to do the listening activities. There were many different activities: one to point, another one to repeat, a matching activity and even a song to sing!

Monday 9th March 

On Monday we started with a new unit: Wild animals. Before starting, the teacher made a quick grammar review: I am, He/She is, They are, Have you got…?  We said things about ourselves and our classmates. After that, we learnt the new vocabulary and we worked on the “listen and repeat” activities. Then we sang the chant and wrote the words on the blackboard.

Wednesday 11th March
On Wednesday we learnt how to say “I have got” and “I haven’t got”. The listening activities are becoming very difficult now, because the pronunciation is complicated. We listened and repeated an exercise with the grammar and the vocabulary, and then we sang the song. After that, we read and listened to the story of this unit. There are also new words like “tail”. Finally, we repeated and acted out the story. We even had time to sing a song: “let’s go to the zoo”.

Monday 2nd March

After our last performance last week, we started this one with the same energy to continue learning. On Monday we used the book to finish this unit. We learnt new grammar: have you got…? I’ve got…She/He’s got… We had some activities on the book: in one of them we described a picture, in other activity we had to listen and say True or False. Then, we moved to the listening activities: we listened to a short story and repeated it, then we sang a song and then we listened, read and repeated the comic. We finished the class with this, and hopefully on Wednesday after a quick review we can play writing games!

 Wednesday 4th March

On Wednesday we started with the review, but we had more problems than expected with the listening activities. We are not used to these! We had to be very fast and we aren’t patient enough, so we lost track very quickly and we gave up. The teacher had to explain several times that we must be patience because he would repeat the audios many times. After some activities, we could finally do it better. Apart from the listening activities we also had some grammar worksheets to do, so we spent the whole class working and we didn’t have time to play any game or watch any video. Hopefully next week we’ll be luckier!

 Wednesday 25th February

On Wednesday the class was great because we spent it playing a game! Before starting, we did a “crazy blackboard”, it means writing all the vocabulary since the Unit 1 there with different positions, colours and sizes. After that, we split the class in 4 groups of three and by teams, we had to take a flashcard and write the word on the blackboard. It was very funny! The last 5 minutes, we could watch a short film because we had done it so well before. 

  Monday 23rd February 

We started a new unit on Monday, this time related to our body parts. It is based basically on our face, so it’s pretty easy for us to identify. We played a couple of flashcard games and then we took our books to do three listening and repeating activities. Finally, we took our notebooks to copy the vocabulary on them.

Wednesday 18th Feb

We started on Wednesday with the same as we finished on Monday: writing. Most of us didn’t have time enough to copy all the words in the notebook, so the teacher gave us time to finish. The three students who had finished watched a video. When we all finished, we practised some speaking, reviewing the “He/She is”, “You are” and “They are”. The rest of the time we spent it on playing a game. We loved it last week and it’s really useful for our writing skills, so we repeated. We divided the class in 4 groups of 3 students and, with the flashcards, we had to write the word properly on the blackboard. At the end of the class, there was a draw between the group of Lucía, Raquel and Raúl, and the group of Fátima, Chema and Irene.

Monday 16th Feb

On Monday we finished this new unit, related to animals and new adjectives. First we did a speaking activity using the structure “They are” and the vocabulary (like “They are horses. They are big and beautiful). After that, we listened to the comic story and we repeated the dialogues. Then we listened to another story from the book and learnt four verbs: walk, feed, brush and wash. We made sentences with these verbs and when we finished, it was time to use the notebook: we had to copy the vocabulary there

Wednesday 11th Feb

On Wednesday, we moved on to the next vocabulary of the unit, as the animals are quite easy for us. This time, we learnt new adjectives such as dirty, clean, big, small, long and short. We did three listening activities, one in which we had to point, in the second we had to repeat and finally, an activity in which we had to correct the mistakes. Then, the teacher asked us some questions and we had to answer using the adjectives. Finally, the last 20 minutes we played a game in the blackboard with the flashcards. We divided the class in three groups, and we used all the flashcards with the vocabulary we have seen. There were at least 50 words! We had to pick one and write the word in the blackboard and if we did it well, we received a point. Fátima was great at this! It was good fun

Monday 9th Feb.

On Monday we started a new unit. Before that, we finished the review part from the last one. There was a game with different checks, and we had to understand the orders (example: 1C) and say the adjective (example: he is old). When we finished with this activity, we started the new unit, talking about animals. This vocabulary is easy because we know them by heart, so we played a brief game with the flashcards and we continued with the book, where we completed a listening activity and a speaking activity (a song). Finally, we repeated a dialogue from the CD and when we finished it, the bell rang and the class was over!

 Wednesday 4th Febraury 

On Wednesday we had fun because we played some games in the blackboard. First, we started with the review worksheets that the teacher had brought. There were  listening activities, matching, numbering and a short writing activity. It is good to work all areas and review the previous topics. After that, as we love writing on the blackboard, we played some games in three groups: the bananas, the pigs and the bottoms. We played a game called hangman which was good to remember the abecedary, and later, we played a game in which the teacher drew an object and we had to write the name of this object. We reviewed ortography and spelling lwith this game. It was really fun! At the end, the bananas won, but we all did a really good job.

 Monday 2nd February

On Monday we started working lightly, doing a listening activity about the family. There were many errors and we had to correct them, saying the proper adjectives. After that, we listened to the comic story, and then we repeated what they said. There was also an activity about this listening. Finally, we did the review pages, where we had to complete different activities about this and the previous units.

Wednesday 28th Jan

We love Wednesdays because we can watch a video if we behave properly. And this Wednesday we did it! Even though the class was very hard that day. First, we started reviewing the adjectives and making some questions to each other about the adjectives. Then, the teacher had prepared some worksheets for us with four different activities related to adjectives, and we had to listen, match, colour, write…lots of things! We spent a lot of time doing these activities, it was hard but we did it great so, at the end of the class, we could watch a Mr.Bean short clip. We love it! 

Monday 26th Jan 

On Monday, we learnt a funny thing: adjectives! Well, it doesn’t sound that funny, but the activities we did were interesting at least. First, we gave the teacher our homework and reviewed very quickly the family members. Then, we used the audio  CD to hear some descriptions like : Where’s my sister? She’s next to the ball. She’s beautiful! We learnt the adjectives very quickly and we also had an activity about acting out. The teacher said an adjective and we had to act with our faces. Then, we asked questions about each other, like: is Lucía beautiful? Yes, she is! We laughed a lot with this. Finally, we listened to a song, and we tried to sing it, but it wasn’t that good. We’ll try next day!

Wednesday 21st Jan

On Wednesday the teacher had prepared some worksheets for us to continue working on the family. These worksheets were useful to review the previous vocabulary too: colours, toys, etc. Most of the activities included audios, so we had to pay attention to this. We are not used to do listening activities, so it is also quite difficult for us! We are learning to do these activities. Finally, as we worked very good, the teacher played a Mr. Bean short video for us. We discovered him before Christmas and we love him! So we watched a commented a video, and then the teacher explained us the homework for next week.


Monday 19th Jan

On Monday, we started the class giving our homework to the teacher. We also reviewed some vocabulary and then, we played the flashcards game to review the vocabulary of this unit, the family. We are experts in family vocabulary, but we are not very good at writing them, so we used our notebooks to write the words in English and we also wrote some sentences such as “He is Rafa. He is my father”, writing our family names. It is hard for us to write and read in English, so we spend lot of time trying to improve this!

Wednesday 14th January

On Wednesday we continued with the family vocabulary. We reviewed father, mother, brother, sister, grandfather and grandmother. We even said the names of our family members! Then, we played a game with the flashcards and after that, the teacher played some audios with activities. We had to identify the family member and match it with the characters on the book. As we did a great job, he awarded us with a Peppa Pig video while he drew some stars to the students who worked great. Finally, he explained us the homework for next week.


Monday 12th January

Happy New Year! We started with a lot of energy. The teacher was surprised, but we really wanted to return to the English classes! First of all, we tried to tell some of the things we did during our Christmas holidays: go to the park, eat with the family, open the presents and many others. After that, we reviewed the vocabulary from the 1st term with the flashcards. We remembered all of them! Finally, we tried to learn the new vocabulary of the Unit 4: family!

Wednesday 10th December 

This week we only had class on Wednesday. It was good, because we could finish the Unit 3 and review all the contents from this term with some activities. We began the class with some counting activities from the book. It was funny to do Maths in English! We had to make sums with different objects. After that, there was a story about two children who were very polite. They said things like “please”, “thank you”, “thanks” and “you’re welcome”. We practised a few conversations using those words with the teacher. Then, he gave us some worksheets to practise vocabulary and listening. There were lots of different activities: one about matching, one about tick or cross, one about colour…it was entertaining!

Wednesday 3rd December 

On Wednesday, we had a funny class, because the teacher gave us the opportunity to be teachers! We started with a flashcards game. The teacher dropped all the pictures and words flashcards on the floor, and he said things like “I need one volunteer to take the word ball” and one of us stood up and took it. We learnt the difference between words and pictures. Later, some of us became teachers. We had to pick volunteers to draw the word or picture we had taken on the blackboard. We were great teachers, and the teacher was a fantastic student too. We spoke a lot of English by repeating. After that, we listened to the story from this unit twice, and then we repeated the dialogues. With this we finished the unit, so the teacher sent us homework for next week.


Monday 1st December

As last Wednesday we worked incredibly well, the teacher started the class showing us some videos from the blog, because we sometimes can’t watch them at home. We saw the three videos there were uploaded and we also watched a short video about Mr. Bean in a karate class. It was hilarious! We could review with that video the under, on, in and next to structures, because he was under a man, on a carpet, on a bench and next to another man. After that we played with the flashcards to review the toys and we copied the words on our notebooks. Finally, we made a couple of activities with the book. Basically we had to repeat words and sentences to work on the pronunciation, but we also sang a song from the book and we did a counting toys activity.

Wednesday 26th November

On Wednesday, we started the class reviewing the objects with the flashcards. We love playing with these games! Then, each one of us said our favourite toy. After that, we learnt some new expressions: next to, under and on, apart from the structure “where is…?”. So we used the toys we had in the class, like balls and dolls to understand this. The teacher placed the toys anywhere (for instance, the ball under a chair) and we had to say where it was. We worked excellently! Because we knew the classroom objects vocabulary from the previous unit, so we could say many different things. Besides, each one of us was receiving stars for our good job, so at the end of the class most of us received a stamp for our good work. Well done!



Monday 24th November 

We started a new unit on Monday, because we learnt the classroom objects very well. The teacher introduced us the new vocabulary with the flashcards. This time, it’s about toys, like ball, doll, train or car. We played with the flashcards, trying to identify them and looking for toys in the classroom. Then, we used the book to do a couple of listening activity and sing a chant that we always love. To finish the class, we did an activity in the book in which we had to count and identify the toy.


Wednesday 19th November 

After a busy Monday, on Wednesday we were ready to finish the Unit 2 (classroom objects). We listened to the story of this Unit, trying to read and identify some words too. Reading in English is very complicated for us, but we are trying hard! After that, the teacher had prepared some worksheets for us to do. With those worksheets, we reviewed the vocabulary from Units 1 and 2. We had to trace the words in a paper and then colour the pictures. When we finished, we had to cut out the paper and stick it onto our notebooks. Now we have some great notebooks!

Monday 17th November

On Monday we continued reviewing the classroom objects, using the flashcards and the word cards. We played a brief game and then, we used the Pupil's Book to do a listen and point activity. In this activity, we reviewed some structures: what's your name? / how are you? / how old are you? We also learnt a new structure: who's that? - he/she is...We played an acting out game to practise these structures, and then we listened to a new song from the book. We sang the song many times, changing the characters' names for our own names. It was very funny!

Wednesday 12th November

We had a short week this time. We just had class on Wednesday, so we worked very hard and the teacher told us that he was really happy with us! First of all, he showed us the flashcards to review the vocabulary of this unit (classroom objects) and then we played a game with this flashcards. We love playing with them! We also learnt the words for the first time. It is very difficult for us to spell the words, so we used the words flashcards. After that, the teacher wrote the words on the blackboard and we copied them in our notebooks. We worked so good that we finished the class giving a round of applauses to ourselves!


Monday 3rd November

Monday was a tough day because we worked a lot. But it was funny though! First, we reviewed the numbers and colours with the flashcards. Then, we practised the greetings and formal questions, like “what’s your name?” and “how old are you?” and we played an acting game. We also read the comic in the book, and we discovered that the superhero “Maskman” is not brave. He was scared of a monster! Finally, we said the story pretending to be the characters. We are very good actors and actress!

Wednesday 5th November 

On Wednesday, we started a new unit! We are now very good at counting numbers and recognising colours. In this unit, we started to learn some classroom objects: chair, table, eraser/rubber, pen, pencil and book. We used the flashcards a lot this day. First, because the teacher told us the words and we repeated them. Then, because we played many games with them: one in which we had to find out the object and other in which we had to repeat the word if it was true or clap if it was wrong. Finally, we sang a chant with the names. After that, we did a counting objects activity: we had to count the objects and say the colour too. And at the end of the class, we reviewed the numbers and colours writing them on the blackboard. It was a hard day, but we did it quite good!

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