WEEK 17 

Last Friday was our last class! We want to thank he kids for the enthusiasm and their participation!! Hope to see you again in our English lessons in October! 

WEEK 16 

Today we first reviewd numbers and feelings and then we played Oh no crocodile!! Then we did a worksheet on family members and we learnt two new words: grandpa and grandma. We spoke abouth our parents and brothers and sisters. At the end of the class 4 year-olds joined us and we watched a funny video all together!


Today we first reviewed feelings and parts of the body and then we spent the class palying games with the whiteboard. We love playing with it so we enjoyed a lot! The last ten minutes we sang our favorite songs: monkeys on the bed and Hickory Dickory Dock!

WEEK 14 

This week we have started a new topic: body parts. We first played a mimic game touching our body parts and then we played which one is missing with the new cards. At the end of the class we also worked on actions words: jump, fly, climb, jump, swim, clap and spin. 


Friday 15th April

Today we first talked about the weather and reviewed feelings again, this time with a guessing game. Then we talked about the food we like and played a new game, we called it 'which one is missing??'  Then we sang some of our favorites songs and danced! 

WEEK 12 

Friday 8th April 

We continue with the food topic, today we first review feelings with mimics and then we played a game with food cards. Then we finished a worksheet and said the food we liked. 


Today we first reviewed feelings and colours with some games and then we started a new topic: FOOD. We played a game looking for toys foods around the class, we had some trouble finding a potato but at the end we got it! Then we coloured a worksheet with food we like and we sang a song. 


Today we reviewed aniamals and we played a game with the flashcards, saying if they were farm or jungle animals. Then we started a new topic toys: car, ball, doll, teddy and bike. We said the toys we like. Finally we played oh no crocodile and sang our favorite song: OPEN SHUT THEM. 


This week we dont have English class because on Friday we go to the farm!! We are going to see animals we talked about in class!!


This Friday we went over animals again, we already know all of them and we played an acting game. This time we had mini teachers who were saying the animals and the others had to acted them out. We played the same game with feelings, and we said and acted out plenty of emotions!! Finally we did a worsheet on jungle animals and sang our favorite songs. 


This week we continued with animals. First we played an acting game and we introduced new animals: penguin, pig, duck, polar bear, rabbit, monkey, snake. We played a game with the cards saying if the animals were farm animals or jungle animals. Finally we sang a new song! and we also sang Open Shut Them! We love it and we almost know it by heart!!

Week 5

Today the teacher got a bunny mask because this weekend it's carnival we all tried on the mask and have fun pretending to be a bunny. Then we played an acting game pretending to be different animals (elephant, crocodile, lion, turtle, cat, dog, fish, horse and mouse). We also played a game with the cards on the floor and finally we watched and sang HICKORY DICKORY DOCK and we learnt a new song: OPEN SHUT THEM 

Friday 29th May 

Thank you very much!!

Friday 22nd May  

After many weeks without English we felt really excited about going to class again. And it was fantastic! We started singing some of the songs we have learnt in the last months and then we played a role play game, acting out different animals, actions, and even pretending to be objects. It was hilarious! At the end of the class we watched a video about an alien and other about a rabbit and a magician which we liked a lot. While we were watching them the teacher was asking us some questions and we had to answer.

Friday 17th April 

On Friday we had English again, which means that we had to sing, dance and play games to learn. We started the class with our daily songs and we continued playing games: we had to say a part of the body and the animals touched us there; the animals said a emotion and we had to act it out (happy, sad, angry, scared, hungry, sleepy); we also played Simon Says and “The Odd Word”, a game where the teacher says vocabulary from a topic and suddenly, he says one word which doesn’t suit that topic and we have to sit down. We also received stars for our good work and commitment. Finally, we sang the Goodbye Song.

Friday 10th April 

On Friday we came back to our English classes, but we loved it! We started with a quick review of the topics we’ve been working so far: weather, animals, action verbs, numbers…we did it throughout songs and games, and using the puppets too. After that, the teacher had prepared a worksheet for us to colour: there were different boys and girls doing actions (jump, sing, dance…) and we had to colour them according to what the teacher said. It was great!

Friday 13th March 

Today we had lots of fun with animals again! First we listened to a story about Cookie the cat in the pet shop. It was very fun because he took an elephant as a pet! Then we play a game imitating animals sounds and movements; the teacher said fly like a bird, swim like a fish...It was really funny. After that we sang some HICKORY DICKORY and a new song: PEEK A BOO!

Friday 6th March 

Friday 20th March

On Friday we started the class singing the “Good afternoon” and “Hello girls and boys” song. Then, one by one, we had to play a game in which we had to stand up and the teacher said an action and we had to do it. If we did it well, we received a star! After that, we changed our roles and the teacher was the one acting out. He acted like different animals and we had to raise our hand and said them. He also did it with action verbs and pointing different objects from the class. Finally, we learnt the differences between “fast” and “slow” and we listened to a song in which we had to do different actions fast and slowly. Finally, we played a game with this concept.


This Friday, we had a funny English class again. As usual, we started with the animals singing songs and playing games. We tried to learn new words such as “listen!” or “look!” We usually repeat these words lots of times with chants, so we get used to these expressions quickly. We already know other expressions such as “come on!” or “let’s go!” Besides, we learnt how to say “sorry” and “please” and new feelings like “sad” or “excited”. After the animals, we spent the rest of the class with the actions verbs and the body parts. We had to jump, hop like kangaroos, turn around, fly like parrots, swim like fish, run like tigers, climb like monkeys...in the meantime, we had to touch our noses, ears, eyes and mouth. Finally, we sat down and sang the “head, shoulder, knees and toes” and the “can you...?” songs.

Friday 20th February 

After a week off, we came back to our funny English classes! We started with the puppet animals as usual. With them, we sing some songs (hello girls and boys, good afternoon, if you’re happy…), repeat some structures (where is it? It is…) and learn some new verbs (sleep, wake up, walk, swim…) and review the other verbs we already know (jump, run, clap…). After our play with the animals, each one of us received one to continue the class. We sang the “Jumping in the jungle” song, which is good to review the action verbs and the animals. Then, we sang the “If you’re happy” song, which we use to learn new emotions (scared, sleepy…) and the “Family finger” song, to review the family with Dora the explorer’s characters. Finally, we sang the “can you?” song, which is good to review the verbs we are working. The classes are very active and we end up sweating, but it is great!

Friday 6th February 

It’s Friday again which means we have ENGLISH! We had a lot of fun that day. First, we spoke to the puppet animals as usual, saying the names, asking questions like “how are you?” “what’s the weather like today?” “what’s your name?” “what’s this?” or “how do you feel”. We also sing songs like the “Good afternoon song” and we do different gestures like clapping if we are happy or stamping if we are angry. After that, we played a game where we had to touch different body parts and do different actions: jump, turn around, dance, sing, move the arms, move the legs and so on. We also learn the song “Head,shoulders, knees and toes”. Finally, we played a funny game, the “English hide and seek”. Loreto was great at this! She counted to three and then look, if some of us was moving she had to say “back!” and we began again. It was very funny!


Friday 30th January 

We had fun in English again with the animals, this time learning some emotions. We spent the first 30 minutes of the class talking to the puppet animals, singing songs, answering the questions they made us (about us, the weather, the other animals, the colours...) and then we played a game. In that game we have to do different actions like run, jump, turn around, fly (well…pretend that we fly), dance and even sing. After that, we watched a video to learn some emotions: happy, sad, angry and scared. There was a funny song for it and we tried to sing it, it was good! Finally we played a game in which we had to represent emotions and say them aloud. At the end of the class, we said goodbye to the animals and left happily! 

Friday 23rd January

Another Friday, another English class with the animals! This time, there was a new animal: the chick! It was very funny because he didn’t understand the teacher very good. It only said “hello” and “I’m fine thank you”! The teacher tried to teach him some new words, but the chick was stubborn, so we helped him. We are also trying to learn the animals and distinguish which puppet animals we had. We said the names, had conversations with the chick and the other animals and we sang a couple of songs. Then, the teacher brought some flashcards with animal cartoons and we had to identify them. Some of them were tricky, like “snake”, but we are working hard to learn them. We watched a Peppa Pig picture with all her friends, and identified the animals. There was a pig, an elephant, a cat, a dog...but there were no monkeys, chicks or parrots. Finally, we had to say “bye bye” to the animals and sleep them, because they were very tired. We counted to three and said the magic word “sleep!” and we did it! 

Friday 16th January 

It’s Friday and we’ve had class again! Our teacher brought a surprise for us today: animal puppets! It was great, he introduced us the animals and we could speak with them. They asked questions to us, we sang songs together and we even played a game. And if we participated, we could keep the puppets for all the class! After playing, we sang two songs about animals, trying to remember their names. Then a third song which was fantastic. It’s about zoo animals and the actions they do: the elephant stomps, the monkey swings, the polar bear swims...we had to sing the song and repeat the movements. It was really funny! At the end of the class, our puppet animals felt very tired, so we had to sleep them. When we speak English, we get superpowers and we could use them to sleep the animals. It was hilarious. Finally, the teacher draw some stars for the students who participated very good. We loved the class!

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