Friday 31 October 2014


5 year olds

This Tuesday we didn't have class because we were in the FARM SCHOOL. 

On Thursday we started the class with a song about the feelings but with Halloween characters and we had to do what the song said, it was pretty fun! After that we learnt some new words like ghost, witch, pumpkin, monster and vampire and the teacher gave each of us a different mask that we had to color. She also explained us that if we want to get candy on Halloween you have to say Trick or Treat!. We practiced it and colored the masks, also when we finished we danced the skeleton dance which is one of our favorite songs!
Look how scary we look with our masks!


The assistant of the day was Felipe, he checked the attendance and wrote the date. After that the teacher asked about the video and we talked about it.
Because we just learnt new vocabulary last week about the family we did some exercise of the activity book to review it, we also did some listening activities and the teacher asked questions about them. 

Today we celebrated Halloween! First we watched a video that explained some of the traditions of this holiday, and after that we tried to remember all the words that we knew related to Halloween. We took turns to write them on the blackboard and we corrected the ones that were not correctly written.
After that, together we learnt more about Halloween by reading a text about it with gaps that we had to fill, and later we had to answer some test questions to check that we had understood it.

The cool part is that we only have to watch the next video for homework!