Wednesday 17th May 2016

On Wednesday we worked on our speaking trying to describe the plot of what we were seeing. We watched an Ice Age short film and then we watched the second part of the Gruffalo, which we loved.

Monday 2nd May

On Monday we made a worksheet with vocabulary and pictures. We used different topics and we started with the daily routines.

Wednesday 4th May

On Wednesday the teacher read us a story called ‘your alien’. It was interesting and we totally understood it. After that, we continued with the daily routines.


Monday 25th April

On Monday we used the whiteboard again to play the matching cards game. We also completed a worksheet with spring related drawings and tried to say some tongue twisters.

Wednesday 27th April

On Wednesday we did a worksheet about the adjectives we’ve been working on the last days.  After that, we watched some videos and sang some of the songs we know.

Monday 18th April

We started the week working on some adjectives: big, small, tall, short, fat, thin, beautiful, ugly, nice and rude. We played hide and seek, another vocabulary game and at the end of the class we watched the new ‘Do you like…’video which we love

Wednesday 20th  April

Wednesday was good fun because we used the whiteboard to play a matching cards game with some vocabulary we know. We also used the blackboard to draw some spring related animals and things to find out what they were.


Monday 11th April

On Monday we spent half of the class playing games: we played hide and seek, chairs, crazy telephone and hot and cold. We spoke some minutes with the computer and then we watched a video about games.

Wednesday 13th April

On Wednesday after playing some games to review food, colors and animals we learnt how to play a new game with the flashcards. This time we reviewed clothes vocabulary. We loved this new game so we spent the rest of the class playing.

Monday 7th April and Wednesday 9th April 

Wednesday 30th March

We came back to school on Wednesday. Lucky us! In English, we did a review of many of the topics seen during the year. We played games with flashcards, drew on the blackboard, acted out, talked to the computer and we also were teachers while our teacher had to be a student. It was great fun!

Monday 7th  March

On Monday, we kept on working with the jobs from last week. We acted out these jobs and played some repetition games. We also played a game on the whiteboard using these words. At the end of the class, we saw some videos to repeat the vocabulary.

Wednesday 9th March

On Wednesday, apart from our jobs and professions topic, we tried to learn a bit about musical instruments: piano, guitar, trumpet, violin, harp, flute and triangle. We made the sounds, pretended to be musicians and finally we watched a Little Einsteins video about this topic.


Monday 29th February

On Monday we worked on the parts of the house: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. We also learnt some furniture and completed a worksheet about it. To finish, we tried to learn some basic routines at home.

Wednesday 2nd March

On Wednesday we learn some jobs: teacher, nurse, doctor, police officer, firefighter, dentist, shop assistant and waiter. It is hard to learn these long words, but flashcards and videos are quite helpful. We played some games and at the end of the class we played with the chairs.

Monday 15th February

On Monday we talked about toys. We learnt about teddy bears, balloons, kites, dolls, balls, spinning tops and yo-yo’s. We played with flashcards and then sang a toys song.

Wednesday 17th February

On Wednesday, we started the class playing a really active game which was helpful to review vocabulary and stretch. Then we went on with the toys vocabulary, this time playing with the toys and a game in the whiteboard. Finally, we watched a hilarious video about toys with Steve.

Wednesday 1oth February

On Wednesday, after playing our routine games and reviewing the newest vocabulary (hobbies) we learnt about Saint Valentine’s Day. We completed a worksheet and learn some quite useful expressions as “I love you” or “You’re cool”, applied of course to mommy and daddy!

Monday 1st Feburary - Wednesday 3rd February

This week we started a new topic: hobbies. We learnt about different activities we do in our free time: play football, play with the toys, play with the blocks, watch TV, read and draw. We played some acting out games and we completed a worksheet.

Monday 18th  January

On Monday we kept on learning about clothes: hat, coat, jacket, t-shirt, trousers, shorts, gloves, scarf, socks, shoes, boots and glasses. We played repetition games with the foam ball and acted out to learn the clothes. Finally we watched a fashion show video.

Wednesday 20th January

On Wednesday, we had a review of clothes and also tried to learn some of the parts of the house: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and living room. We did some listening activities closing the eyes and played with the flashcards.


Monday 11th January  

We’re back to English! After Christmas holidays we came back with lots of enegy and we used it to play games and review vocabulary. It was great fun!

Wednesday 13th January

On Wednesday we started a new topic: winter clothes. As usual, we played games (a new one this time: the boat) and we used the foam ball. Finally we watched a Little Einsteins clip.

Wednesday 9th December

On Wednesday we used a foam ball to play games. And we loved it, so we could do active pronunciation, vocabulary and questions & answers games. We also reviewed the vocabulary from last week (places) and the teacher was surprised that we actually remember it. We are great at English!

Monday 30th November

This month we're going to review vocabulary and structures we've been learning since last year, so on Monday we played so much games that it was a great day. We played: crazy telephone, pass the ball, the odd word, acting out, stand up and…, guess the drawing and some others. We also watched a video about outdoor activities.

Wednesday 2nd December 

On Wednesday we continued with our review games, but as we were doing great, we tried to learn something new. Vocabulary related to different places: park, swimming pool, supermarket, bakery, restaurant, hospital...it was interesting! 

Monday 23rd November 

We began the week with the daily songs and routines. We did a mix of things: sing, review numbers, colours, body, animals, verbs…after some games, we played a new one. The teacher said a topic (like fruit) and he described a word; we had to find out what he meant. If we guessed it, we had a star. It was fun! Rachel had seven stars at the end. Great job! Finally, at our request, we danced the Hokey Pokey.

Wednesday 25th November 

On Wednesday the teacher had prepared a worksheet related to the verbs we have been learning during the last weeks: climb, crawl, cry, shout, wiggle, laugh…It was fun! We also danced a Thanksgiving song and, finally, we played a new vocabulary game with balls.

Monday 16th  November

On Monday, after our songs and daily games we learnt some new verbs: crawl, wiggle, climb and laugh. We played games with them and the other actions verbs we know. We also played Simon Says and after that, we reviewed the food. Finally, we sang and danced the Hokey Pokey.

Wednesday 18th November

We started our Wednesday reviewing the verbs we learnt the previous day: crawl, wiggle, climb and laugh. We played many games, like the crazy telephone and one with a ball which we had to pass and say vocabulary. After that, we had to complete a worksheet to review vocabulary, saying and colouring different food. 

Wednesday 11th November 

Today our teacher was ill and we missed him a lot but we had class with teacher with teacher Carolina, we played a food game, we also reviewed animals and we learnt new a song that we all loved: Hockey Pockey!!

Wednesday 4th November 
This was a short week, so we had to do an extra effort in the classWe started, as usual, with our daily games and having some questionsand answers through the crazy telephoneAfter thatthe teacher presented us some words related to foodSome of them rang a bell on usfrom last yearbut others are new: salad, onionfishmilk, and so onWe played a guessing game and an acting out game, and finally wewatched a Peppa Pig video where she goes to the supermarket to buy tomatoesspaghettisonions and fruits

Monday  26th October

It’s Halloween week! And we’ve celebrated it during the week. On Monday, we basically said “hello” and we moved quickly into the topic. First, the teacher introduced us the characters, then we played an acting out game and finally we were singing songs and dancing with some videos related to the topic. It was spooky!

Wednesday  28th October  

Wednesday was creepy too (not really, don’t worry). We played our usual games in a Halloween style: jumping like zombies, running like werewolves and so on. Then, we completed a funny worksheet with many different Halloween characters which we had to colour: Jack O’Lantern, mummy, ghost, witch, monster, Frankenstein, vampire…and candy! Which was something we received at the end. Trick or treat worked with the teacher. Great!

Monday  5th   October

English is back! And we couldn’t feel happier about it. To begin with it, we spent our Monday playing different games to review some habits, structures and vocabulary. We used the whiteboard, the computer, chairs, classroom objects, music, balls…it was great! After such a long time without our English lessons, we were a bit rusty, but still fit. By the way, we have two new students: Aitor and Jorge. They had a very funny welcome!

Wednesday 7th October

On Wednesday we continued with our vocabulary revision. This time we focused on the easiest topics: numbers, colours, animals and fruit. We were updated in every topic but in fruits! We could barely remember three or four, so the teacher looked for some images on the internet and we played a game with them. After that, we listened to a fruits song and watched a Peppa Pig video related with it.

Thursday (14/05/2015)

Today we played a new game with the action verbs: in a paper we numbered and colored each action verb and then we took turns to roll a dice and pic the action by its number. We had to repeat it out loud and then do it. It was a good review because we had forgotten some of them!

After that we watched a couple of Sesame Street videos and we started to learn the song of The Eensy Weensy Spider 

Tuesday (12/05/2015)

Today we played several games: memory game with the clothes flashcards, the preposition board game and then at the end of the class a little bit of Simon says.

Thursday (07/05/2015)

Today Shaila was the assistant of the day. We started the class explaining to our teacher the party that we are having tomorrow at school. Then we revised the vocabulary of clothes and sang this song about it . Later we did a coloring activity where we had to draw the clothes for a boy: t-shirt, shorts, shoes etc.


Tuesday (05/05/2015)

Today we played our favorite game of prepositions, a board game with pictures where we had to say where is the dog in each square (the dog is under, the dog is behindetc). We played it during the whole class and at the end Katrina was the winner.

Thursday (30/04/2015)

Today we spent the day working with the vocabulary about clothes. After asking each others how are you?and how do you feel?and talking about the weather we played different games with the flashcards. First we revised the vocabulary, then we played a game where we had to say the name of the flashcard the teacher randomly picked and finally we played a memory game with the flashcards (We LOVE memory games!)

Tuesday (28/04/2015)

Today we spent the day playing and revising vocabulary from both the first and second term. We played different memory games with flashcards about the feelings and prepositions. We also played a game with Do you like?where we asked the teacher about the food she likes and the one who guessed one could walk one step. The first one to go from one side of the class to the other was the winner.

Thursday (23/04/2015)

Today we started the class as always, sat on the floor and asking questions to each other. We revised the food vocabulary and asked and answered to each others do you like ____?

After that we played Simon Says with the action verbs and to finish we started learning new vocabulary about clothes. 

Tuesday (21/04/2015)
Today we continued working on the action verbs but first we sat down in a circle to ask each others how are you?, how do you feel?
After that we revised the actions verbs with the teacher, some of them are new from us! We had a coloring activity with several action verbs and we pointed to whatever action the teacher called. After that we did a new game where we had to colour each action with a different colour. To finish we asked the teacher to write the names under each action because we had them on the digital whiteboard so we could copy them

Thursday (16/04/2015)

Today Álvaro was the assistant of the day. We started the class with the usual questions and then we sang the song 5 little monkeys.

Then we learnt some new action verbs like reador skipand we revised others like jumpor swimand we played a few games to practice them.


Tuesday (14/04/2015)

Today we continued working with the means of transport. We did the flashcards ourselves last week so we did a couple of games with them. We also learnt some new vocabulary of actions and we practice it playing Simon Says

Thursday (9/04/2015)

Today after the circle timewe sang different song like One Little Finger or If You Are Happy and You Know It. After that the teacher we learnt the vocabulary of the means of transport. Then she gave us a paper and each one of us had to draw and colour a different mean of transport: bike, car, bus, plane, boat and train. Once we all finish we talked about the drawings (the colours that we used, if they could fly, the name of it etc.)

Tuesday (7/04/2015)

Today we started the class talking about the holidays and the Easter eggs. Then we watched an episode of Peppa Pig about Easter and it was very fun because we could explain to the teacher what happened in it. After that we played with the flashcards from the first and the second term: we had all of them on the tables and we had to find the one the teacher said. We played with points because we love contests, and Katrina and Álvaro were the winners.

Tuesday (17/03/2015)

Today we spent the whole class with the story of Little Red Riding Hood. First we talked about it, because is very famous and we knew it already. Then the teacher gave us an activity with different scenes from the story but not in order so we had to put them in order. We did this after watching the video in youtube. While watching it we talked about some of the things in it for example the feelings, how was the wolf, how was little red riding hood etc.Once we finish and corrected the order we color them.  

Tuesday (10/03/2015)

Today we had class with the 4 years old. We started the class as always asking each others how are you? and how do you feel. After that we spent the class singing songs all together and playing games like Simon says. It was fun to be all together!

Thursday (12/03/2015)

Today after the circle time, we learned some house vocabulary and then the teacher gave us a sheet so we could draw our houses with the different rooms. Once we finished the teacher asked us questions and we talked about our houses ( for exampleHow many bedrooms do you have? I have three bedrooms).

After this we sat on the floor and played with a small ball: the teacher asked us different questions about our families, food ,the house, sports etc. and the one that had to answer had the ball. We were very carful throwing it. 

Thursday (05/03/2015)

Today we started the class singing this songs  about the food that we like and dont like. After that we continued with the activity from last day about the daily routines. 

Tuesday (03/03/2015)

Today we did a vocabulary contest and Carlos Rodriguez and Álvaro won! After that we started an activity about the daily routines where we had to draw a person doing the routines (wake up, have a shower etc.) We didnt finish it so we will continue with it on Thursday.

Tuesday (25/02/2015)
Today we were extra good, we did the round of questions at the beginning of the class perfectly and then we spent the rest of the class playing a board game about prepositions, Carlos Samper and Alvaro won this time!

Thursday (27/02/2015)
Today was a special day, the teacher brought a small ball so we could play with it while we revised the vocabulary. We played several games with it, like for example the teacher showed us a flashcard and the first one to name it got the ball, we were pretty competitive!

Thursday (19/02/2015)

Today we spent a lot of time talking about the family. We talked about how many uncles, aunts and cousins we had. After this we song the 5 little monkeys song because is one of our favorites. We finished the class by playing with the food vocabulary.

Tuesday (17/02/2015)

Today after the usual round of questions we started the class by reviewing the daily routine vocabulary. We played some games with those flashcards and it was fun!

After that we sat in our desks and started learning the vocabulary of food, we knew most of them but the teacher added some new ones to the flashcards. Then we drew our 5 favorite foods in the coloring activity.

Thursday (12/02/2015)
Today we started the class as always and then we showed to our teacher the monsters that we have created in school and described them (he has 5 legs, he has 3 heads etc.). After this we reviewed the prepositions, first with the song and later with a box and our pencils: we had to put them as the teacher said (put the pencil under the box, put the pencil in front of the box etc.)
We finished the class with a song about the family.

Tuesday (10/02/2015)

Today we finished the coloring activity that we started last week. It was about the daily routines and we had to color different scenes, cut them and the glue them in order.

Alvaro was the assistant of the day and because he finished first he helped the teacher asking us the vocabulary from the flashcard from last semester. In the meantime the teacher reviewed with some of us the daily routine vocabulary because its a little difficult.

Thursday (05/02/2015)
Today we listen to the song “one little finger” and we danced with it. Later we continued working
on the daily routine with an activity color. The teacher gave us a sheet with six pictures (to wake up, to have breakfast, to get dressed, to go to school, to watch TV and to go to bed) but they
weren’t in order so we had to color, cut and glue them in order. We didn’t finish it so we have to
do it on Tuesday.

Tuesday (03/02/2015)

Today we started the class as always, asking each other “how are you?” “how do you feel?”
after that we sang the “If you are happy” song.

Later we also sang the preposition song to remember all the prepositions and then we played a
super fun board game with the prepositions! Each one of us had a different token and we had
roll a dice, then move our token and in each square there was a picture of a dog. We had to say
where was the dog in our picture, for example “the dog is under the tree” or “the dog is between
the trees” etc. It was very fun and excited because we all wanted to win!

Thursday (29/01/2015)

Today we started the class playing Simon’s Says with the vocabulary of the parts of the body,
colors and the prepositions. Later we learnt some new vocabulary about the Daily Routine with
a power point, we talked about our breakfast and our playground etc.
We also watched an episode of Peppa Pig about Bedtime routines  We finished by playing with the family flashcards.

Tuesday (27/01/2015)

Today we continued with the family vocabulary singing the song that we learnt last week. We
also did a coloring activity where we had the picture of a family and we had to color the different
parts as the teacher said, for examen “the father’s hands are blue” or “the mother’s mouth is
pink” etc.
To finish we sang the song “head, shoulders, knees and toes”

Thursday (22/01/2015)

Today we did more exercises with the prepositions, this time we all had a box and a flashcard and we had to put them according the preposition that the teacher said. We started doing it very slowly but because we were pretty good we ended up doing it super fast!

Later we drew our family in a sheet and talked about it for a while, we finished the class with this song about family (there are a lot of versions but we love the spiderman one! 

Tuesday (20/01/2015)

Today we continued working with the prepositions. We played a memory game, first with the flashcards of the feelings and then prepositions ones. We finished the class watching Peppa Pig and Sesame Street.

Thursday (15/01/2015)

Today was all about prepositions! after the “circle time” where we talked about our feelings, the

weather and asked for permission to go to the bathroom, we talked about prepositions all the
First we learn a few of them: in, on, under, in front of, behind, next to and between. We did
several games to remember them like “Simon says” and we also used the flashcards that we did
last day. But the best part was the preposition song:

Tuesday: (13/01/2015)

Today we started the class as always asking “how are you?” and “how do you feel?” to each
others. After that we revised the vocabulary from last term with the help of the flashcards (toys,
parts of the body, the face and feelings) and we played some games with them.
Then we sang the song “5 little monkeys” and we helped the teacher coloring some new
flashcards about prepositions

Thursday (/12/2014)

Today after the round of questions we did a coloring activity where we had to color Santa and his bag of present but we had to draw three toys inside of it. We listened to our favorite Christmas Carol while doing this!
After that we sang the carol that we learnt last week and tried to learn a new one .We finished the class by plating Simon Says  

Tuesday (/12/2014)
Today we started the class as usually with the round of questions and answers. After that we played only a few rounds of 1,2,3, Red Light!while we took turns to go to the bathroom.

Then the teacher asked us some vocabulary questions and introduce some new words like: Christmas Tree, present, Santa Claus, sleigh and Rudolph the red nose reindeer. Next we learnt this Christmas Carol, it was really fun! 

Thursday (4/12/2014)

We started the class same way that Tuesday, asking to each others how are you? how do you feel?. Then while some of us went to the bathroom in turns we played 1,2,3 red light!

After that the teacher showed us a Power Point with images of all the vocabulary that we have learnt and we had to name all the images! We spent the rest of the class finish the Christmas Tree from the other day, cutting gluing it together while we listened to some Christmas Carols

Tuesday (2/12/2014)
We started the class asking to each others how are you? how do you feel?. Then while some of us went to the bathroom in turns we played 1,2,3 red light! and sang the Hello song.

After that we played different games with the vocabulary flashcards and started doing some Christmas activities. The teacher gave us a coloring page with a Christmas tree that we had to color with the colors that we wanted. We listened to Christmas Carols while doing it.

Thursday 28th November

On Thursday we started the class as always, making and circle and  asking  to each others the questions how are you?” “how do you feel today?. After that we played the game 1,2,3 Red Lightwhich is like the Spanish escondite inglés

Then we sit in our places and watched an episode of Peppa Pig and then tried to answer some questions that the teacher asked. We finished the class by doing a coloring activity where we had to draw the things that teacher named (toys, feelings, parts of the face or the body)

Tuesday 25th November

Today we started the class as always, making and circle and answering the questions how are you?” “how do you feel today?. Then we singed the Hello song and took turns to go to the bathroom.

After this we played some games with the flashcards, first we played find the pairwith the feelings and after we played find the flashcardbut with all the flashcards that we have learnt so far! (toys, parts of the body, parts of the face and feelings)

We also played some rounds of Simons say.

Thursday 20th November

On Thursday, after talking about the weather and our feelings we danced the song Head, shoulders, knees and toes, like last week. Then we watched a Peppa Pig episode, it was really funny and a perfect way to rest after all the dancing.

We used the rest of the class to finish a coloring page from last week: last week we cut and glued different body parts and created a boy in a piece of paper, so this week we colored it, using the colors that the teacher called (for example: left hand, blue)

Tuesday 18th November

We started the class as always sitting in a circle talking about the date, the weather, and our feelings, we even sang a song about it! After that we sit in our desks and played find the pair, its a memory game so we have to pay a lot of attention and name the feelings correctly. We played a couple of rounds cause we really like it.

Today in class we continued to work with the body and face vocabulary, we did some exercises with the flashcards to review it and then we dance the song head, shoulders, knees and toes. It was very funny cause we did it very slowly, then very fast and then normal! 

After we played a game with all the toy flashcards, the teacher named one of us and one toy and we had to take all the flashcards with that toy and then said how many we had and the colors

Tuesday (11/11/2014)
Today we started singing the hello song to our teacher, and after we asked to go to the bathroom, checked attendance, talk about our feelings the weather etc.

Then we seated in group and review the feelings vocabulary with the flashcards and we were pretty good at it! when we finished the teacher showed us new flashcards, this time they were about the parts of the body.

Once we learned them we did a fun activity where we had to cut the parts of a body and to glue them on a different sheet. We love to do these kind of activities while we listen to some nursery rhymes on the computer!

Tuesday (4/11/2014)

Today was English Day at COAMI so we did something special! During the circle time we learnt some new movements like rolling our arms and jumping with one leg, and by now we completely ace right and left with any help!

After that we watched a video about Goldilocks, it was pretty cool, cause it had some songs in it and the story was fun too. While we watched we commented some things about it, like the feelings of the characters (the bears were very angry at Goldilocks!) or colors, even we picked the bear that we liked the most.

To finish the class the teacher gave us 6 coloring pages of different scenes of the story and we had to put them in order and pick one to color. 

Thursday (6/11/2014)
Today during the circle time we all song a hello song .After we reviewed some of the vocabulary we had learnt so far, by naming the flashcards that the teacher showed. Then we played a very fun name find the pairwith the feeling flashcards. Finally we did some rounds of Simon says, that is definitely our favorite game


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